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睿狮博斐是一家国际性数字化营销机构,正如它们的公司标语一样,它们标榜于为客户带来非同一般的市场关注。“这一标语如今也印刻在睿狮博斐办公室入口”Tom Mark Henry事务所负责人Cushla McFadde说道。“设计将该栋建筑的装饰艺术精神与该机构的品牌创意特征相结合,迎合了不断增长的团队需求和灵活多变的工作风格。

MullenLowe Profero is a global digital marketing agency that, in the words of the company, creates experiences that gets it clients an unfair share of attention. “This philosophy is now present in MullenLowe Profero’s office from the moment clients step through the door,” says Cushla McFadden, Director of Tom Mark Henry. “The design combines the Art Deco spirit of the heritage building with the creative character of the agency’s brand, and caters to a growing team and flexible working styles.”

▼办公室入口接待处,the reception counter

▼会议室,conference room

睿狮博斐的新办公室位于悉尼沙利山Cleveland大街一栋1930年代晚期建筑中。在此之前,该建筑曾历经多次翻修和再利用,而其木镶板窗户,裸露砖墙和铸铁支撑柱都得到了保留。来自Tom Mark Henry的设计师们在充分尊重这栋建筑历史符号的同时,利用装饰设计灵感,让这间550平方米的办公室重获新生。

MullenLowe Profero’s new workplace is located in a late-1930s building on Cleveland Street in Surry Hills, Sydney. The building has undergone a process of adaptive reuse with its original timber-paneled windows, exposed brick and cast-iron columns retained throughout. Tom Mark Henry’s fit out of the 550-square-metre space respects the historical significance of these features, while enhancing the interior with modern elements that take their cues from the Art Deco era.

▼维持老建筑的优雅特性,respects the historical significance of these old features


The material palette is classic with traditional wainscoting enclosing the booth-like meeting nooks; plush velvet, deep walnut and top-grain leather furnishings with brass details to finish. The colour palette is equally timeless with rich hues such as burgundy, violet, navy, olive, mustard and green complementing the materials. Natural light streaming through the original timber-framed windows brings out the natural tones of the walnut flooring while the dark ceiling is designed to recede. Tom Mark Henry custom-designed elements throughout the workplace including the sconces in the meeting rooms and pendant lamp in the boardroom as well as the reception counter, meeting nooks and standing desks.

▼选用经典的色调搭配,the material palette is classic

对于Tom Mark Henry的设计师来说,这并不是一次非常严肃的设计过程。相反的,他们秉承着与睿狮博斐一样随意随心的工作态度,将一些随时迸发的新奇想法融入装饰艺术风格的空间里。睿狮博斐的”Challenger Octopus“logo是一只带着拳击手套的章鱼,这一logo代表着该集团“花样百出,不惧风险”的工作态度。该logo被喷涂在Grigio Orsola接待处柜台身后的墙壁上。此外,这个“带着拳套的章鱼”也被做成贴纸,装饰在办公室的窗户上。

Always incorporating an element of the unexpected into their work, the design team at Tom Mark Henry injected the tongue-in-cheek spirit of the brand into the contemporary Art Deco space. MullenLowe Profero’s “Challenger Octopus” logo – a boxing-gloved octopus that represents the different arms of the agency’s network and its risk-taking attitude – is featured on the painted batten wall behind the Grigio Orsola stone reception counter. The client also applied a “Challenger Octopus” decal to the windows of the building.

▼logo印刻在接待柜台后的墙面上,logo is featured on the painted batten wall behind the reception counter.

▼logo还被做成贴纸贴在玻璃窗上,the client also applied a “Challenger Octopus” decal to the windows of the building

从高脚桌,会议厅,会客角和休息大厅的摆设中不难看出,睿狮博斐办公室采用了灵活性设计,以满足不断增长的企业团队和持续变化的办公需求。此外,该数字营销公司还对IT与AV拥有特别要求。这一点也已被设计师考虑在内。Tom Mark Henry为睿狮博斐营造了丰富多彩的办公空间,为企业吸引客户,并顺理成章的迎合了该企业的服务宗旨“引来非同一般的市场关注”。

The functional design of the MullenLowe Profero office will serve the agency well into the future as it provides for the growth of the team and flexible working styles with standing desks, conference rooms, meeting nooks and lounge areas. The digital agency also had very specific requirements regarding IT and AV, which Tom Mark Henry carefully and seamlessly worked into the design. Tom Mark Henry has created a rich and colourful workplace to inspire MullenLowe Profero’s team and excite its clients, ultimately helping the agency to – like Tom Mark Henry – create experiences that deservedly warrant a great deal of attention.

▼灵活的空间配置,the flexible design

▼多彩的丰富空间,the colorful working space

Client name— MullenLowe Profero
Location— Sydney
Architects— NA
Designers— Tom Mark Henry
Project Manager— MainBrace
Collaborators— NA
Engineers— NA
Budget— Client wishes to not disclose
Project End Date—2017
Photographer—Damian Bennett

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