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Bosc d’en Pep Ferrer坐落在福门特拉岛南部的海岸的Migjorn沙滩沙滩上。当地拥有极其广阔的自然景观,除一座建造于1763的Pi des Català塔之外,几乎没有任何视觉遮挡。建筑体量游走于地表和地貌之间,又在轻盈与沉重,陆地与天空之中界定不清。其外形好似由纯手工打造又似完全的技术工程。

Bosc d’en Pep Ferrer is the traditional toponym of a large plot located next to the beach of Migjorn, on the south coast of the island of Formentera. This territory has a place that unleashes the desire to inhabit an oneiric view, where the horizon is only cut by the beautiful silhouette of the Pi des Català Tower, built in 1763. The project focuses on the duality between the telluric and the tectonic. The heavy and the light. The earth and the air. The handcrafted and the technological.

▼建筑外貌,exterior view


The rock, which comes to the surface in the chosen place, has been carved as if it were a sculpture, offering a cavity reminiscent of the ‘marès’ stone quarries.  The intervention offers a house for a family sensitive to the environment, which program is divided into three light modules built in dry construction systems and a cavity made by subtraction of material on the lower floor. This longitudinal disposition gives place to full-empty successions , patios, connecting walkways, transverse views and a place created by time and discovered by surprise: a natural cave in the main access courtyard, which was integrated to the Project during the process of construction.

▼相互连接的各个建筑体量,three light modules are interconnected


The structure is easily comprehensable and manifests itself in three stratums with ascending levels of precision: the lower floor expresses the obvious absence of containment walls added to the rocky layer, as well as the appearance of a small concrete structure that regulates the upper level of this floor and constitutes the support platform of the ground floor. On the upper floor the double-supported set up of the structure becomes evident from the inside. Here a single element cluster several functions: structure, closure and interior finishing.

▼底层除支撑结构外不设保护性外墙,the lower floor expresses the obvious absence of containment walls

▼保留场地内的岩洞打造别样居住环境,the preservation of the cave in the plot

▼保留居住内部沙岩墙壁,absence of containment walls added to the rocky layer


The superior quality of the used materials and their unions has played an important role in the process of creation and realization of the project. Bioconstruction criteria has given preference to natural materials and if possible from the construction place: sculpted rock, crushed gravel from the excavation, capri limestone, pine and fir wood, white macael marble, etc. All this has reverted to hygroscopic enclosures which are permeable to water steam and guarantee pleasant and healthy indoor environment, while at the same time require less energy efforts for the proper bulding functioning. At the environmental level, the design provides passive bioclimatic systems of proven effectiveness in this climate, as well as water self-sufficiency thanks to a large volume rainwater cistern that reuses rainwater.

▼居住与景观的无缝衔接,direct connection to the environment

▼采用天然材料打造,with the use of natural materials

▼卧室连廊,walkway to the bedroom





▼鸟瞰图,aerial view

▼居住解剖,the living section

▼底层平面,the lowest level

▼二层平面,the upper level

▼屋顶层平面,the top level


location: Playa de Migjorn. Formentera. SPAIN
promoter: Private
Architect: Marià Castelló Martínez · www.m-ar.net
building engineer: Agustí Yern Ribas
structure: Miguel Rodríguez Nevado / Ferran Juan
installations: Javier Colomar Riera
collaborators: Marga Ferrer, Natàlia Castellà, Lorena Ruzafa y Elena Vinyarskaya
builder: Motas Proyectos e Interiorismo S.L. / Luis Tulcanazo Castro / Antonio Serra Requena / Foreva S.L.
subcontractors: iCarp Valencia S.L. / Velima System S.L. / Astiglass S.L. / Singularglass S.L.
project: 2007-2014
start of work: 4 Noviembre 2014
end of work: 15 Marzo 2017
area: 243,59 m2 en Planta Baja + 71,73 m2 en Planta Sótano.
photography: Marià Castelló Martínez · www.m-ar.net

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