MUJOSH concept store, China by DAS Lab

Dynamic Extension of Stillness

Project Specs


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“Stillness” is an invisible internal movement of an object. The invisibility urges people to focus on the sophisticated structure of the object. All objects are moving at an invisible speed, which led us to the adventure of creating a space about “stillness”.

▼门店外观,exterior view


▼室内细部,detailed view


▼设计示意图,design concept

We attempted to simulate the freeze of a certain mechanical motion, thereby to record the inertia, tension, gravity, trajectory and even scratches generated during the motion into a static picture. A clock’s “moving gear” in stillness marked the memory point of a space, which inspired us when conceiving the space. We chose to use an installation in the space and turned it into the space itself. We tried to interpret the idea of “style” and “ingenuity” in the core of the brand in contemporary language, which also stands as a metaphor for “permanence”.

▼钟表的“机芯齿轮”成为设计的核心概念,a clock’s “moving gear” became the core of the design concept


In the first concept store of MUJOSH in Guangzhou, we decided to abandon the stereotypes of traditional retails, instead we attempted to create a commercial space that emotionally triggers commonality. In this space, the product and the elements of the installation are intertwined to tell the story of the brand as well as another possibility of the development of retail.

▼整体空间概览,interior overview

▼产品与装置中的元素相结合,the product and the elements of the installation are intertwined to tell the story of the brand

▼商品展示区细部,display area detailed view


The entrance of the space visually weakened the display of products, instead, it tried to purely emphasize the concept of the space design to further blur the purpose of selling.

▼入口细部,entrance detailed view


MUJOSH worships the fashionability of glasses. The glasses itself does not play a crucial part in our mundane life, yet it claims for one’s personality and value of life out of the necessities.

▼眼镜陈列架细节,the display rack for MUJOSH glasses


▼装置元素示意,installation elements

▼装置详图,installation detailed drawing

空间与装置设计:DAS Lab
摄影: 邵峰
撰文及图纸由DAS Lab提供

Project name: MUJOSH concept store
Location:TaiKoo Hui Guangzhou
Interior & installation design: DAS Lab
Principal designer: Li Jingze
Design team: Janet、XiangGuo、Duan Jinjin、Chen Zeyuan、Lu Zhangyu、QianYu
Client: Photosynthesis Group Co. Limited
Area: 40㎡
Key materials: Stainless Steel, Terrazzo, Diatom mud, PVC, Acrylic
Design period: 09/2018-11/2018
Construction period: 01/2019-04/2019
Photographer: Shao Feng
Project description and drawings offered by DAS Lab

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