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Sparkling pink in green

Project Specs


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This time, we design to make an abandoned garage into a cafe along the Naked Valley in the Mount Mogan Scenic Area. The project design focuses on creating a unique harmony with the nature, because the garage is surrounded by many family hotels and there’s great commercial space for antique elements.

▼建筑外观,exterior view

▼千篇一律的绿色中闪耀的粉色,sparkling pink in the same green


There is a tiny island in Venice which is full of colorful houses. Legend goes that the houses on the island are painted in strong colors to guide fishermen to find their homes in thick foggy days. Perhaps in the green village, there should also be a place of leisure that one can see at a glance.


▼吧台,bar counter

▼吧台细部,bar counter details

▼铁艺座椅细部,wrought iron seat details


Our designenters from color, expression with bulk structure, lighting atmosphere supplemented. An l-shaped pink wall as the entrance. In the lower right corner, you can see the white structure inside. The white door cover structure has even broken through the pink package, which makes it more naturally for people to enter。In the distance, you can see the production of the internal barista through the window on the left wall. Customers can feel the atmosphere without entering.The highlight of the interior is a neon tube that spans the entire powder wall, which is a strong visual impact in the dusk。There is a small yard in the front. In which white cement grows out of the ground to form steps, low walls, flower beds, and platforms.

▼用餐区域,白色水泥纵向延伸,与粉色墙面穿插融合形成构图,dining area, The ground is continued with the white cement,  and cooperates with the pink wall to draw the structure


There is pink with texture sense for the inner space, the top and the wall. The ground is continued with the white cement, including the bar table, the chairs that are against the wall, and the background wall, which intersperses and cooperates with the pink wall to draw the structure. We retains the prototype of the beam and pillars.

▼梁与柱保留原有的水泥质感不做多余处理,We retains the prototype of the beam and pillars


As for the bar table, we divide the function areas with the structure, garnished with retro lamps. There is floor glass in front of the table, through which the customers can admire the scenery in the distance. In the dry area of the restroom, it is a pink zone. The mirror is of black iron structure, the opposite is arc with light belt as mood light, and it makes it interesting to see the outside faintly.

▼洗手间入口,restroom entrance

▼黑铁镜子打开视角,Black iron mirror makes it interesting to see the outside faintly

▼夜景,night view




Project Name:Mu Han Cafe
Design Studio: TAO DESIGN
Completion year: 2018.05
Chief Designer: Zhou Heng
Project Location:Mount Mogan,Zhejiang
Project Area: 50㎡
Photo Credits:Huang Chao
Main Materials: Terrazzo,Iron,Neon

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