Picture frame-peacock, China by Invisible Decoration Design

The Wind in the mountains is put into the picture frame

Project Specs


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With the heart of awe, I push away every door of the old house, and i cross through the time and the space to listen the story with a young heart!

▼建筑外观,exterior view


This project is a model house of Hui’ai Township residents, it is located in Hundred-mile landscape gallery of Water Spring Village in Yanqing District, Beijing, it received this name due to the its picturesque scenery. It has the custom of the hundred birds festival in the local area, so it chooses the peacock that is the king of birds to design the theme, several kinds of blue and green included in the peacock’s feathers is spread to the detail part of each space. The original style and features of the old buildings is retained in the indoor and outdoor space as far as possible, such as beams structure, gray tile eaves and so on.

▼庭院概览,courtyard over view

▼庭院休闲区,Courtyard recreation area



And on the basis, the old wood window is changed to the French window to solve the lighting problem, and it increases the shower, bathtub and other modern equipment to meet the quality of life for modern people. Courtyard design retains the pear tree in original courtyard and cleverly adopts the metal plate’s rotundity to conduct the fusion with it, making it form a sunshade viewing platform. The West courtyard sets a stylish crystal brick bar counter that meets the use function while adding fashion elements also echoes the theme of the picture frame. The lower concave-style fire zone in the eastern courtyard combined with the two floors of terraces in the restaurant to make the courtyard space to be more layered.

▼院落设计保留原院子内的梨树巧妙的用金属板圆形与之融合,Courtyard design retains the pear tree in original courtyard and cleverly adopts the metal plate’s rotundity to conduct the fusion with it

▼梨树下的遮阳景观平台,sunshade viewing platform under the pear tree

▼东院下凹式烤火区,the lower concave-style fire zone in the eastern courtyard

▼时尚水晶砖吧台,stylish crystal brick bar counter


It enjoys the government’s energy saving subsidy to use the electric energy to replace the forms of burning coal and burning firewood in the countryside, and takes electric energy, air source, heat pump, hot water, air conditioning, water and earth heating to be a whole. It uses the polyurethane insulation board under the gray tile of the building, extruded insulation board is used on the exterior wall of the building, and it uses the vacuum insulation board in indoor local area of the building, to conduct the heat insulation and energy saving in the summer and the enhancement of thermal insulation effect in the winter. Yellow mud in indoor and outdoor area, stone, ceiling boards, anti-corrosion wood, root carving accessories and other local materials and so on are obtained in the local area.

▼客厅,living room

▼装饰细部,decoration details


▼主卧室,main bedroom

▼二层景观露台,the two floors of terraces in the restaurant



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