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The project is a shop renovation located in HISENSE shopping mall in Tianjin, China.We hope it is not only a hair salon, but also gives an experience beyond expectation. Except for technical communication, a good hairdressing experience should be in a relaxed state, especially when shampooing, almost half asleep and half awake. We hope that our design results are in such a state, like a prism, illusory, but clear, precise and interesting. The shop front is the first impression that a shop gives to people. We hope it can present a sense of curiosity, the temperament is emitted from inside to outside, rather than a beautiful window but boring inside.

▼店铺外观,exterior view


▼平面图,floor plan

The shape of the shop plan is irregular, but people prefer to use square room. Therefore, we must first ensure the operation area of hairdressing, the sense of experience is upright, smooth and comfortable. The light and background of the whole operating space are clean and bright. On this basis, you can see your side face or back figure somewhere inadvertently, or feeling like you’re in a kaleidoscope, that’s the feeling we want to find.

▼室内空间概览,interior overview

▼公共理发台,Hairdressing Area


We made a lot efforts in the treatment of ceiling. In addition to meeting the rigid requirements of keeping it in line with fire protection regulations and arranging functional vent overhauls, we hope that it will show an extreme and fantastic effect. It is bright and uniform, strong sense of trend, from inside to outside, free, white and smooth. It should be like a stream, a cloud, a dream, a song, even beautiful hair. We hope it will calm the mind. The feeling of VIP room should be more special, warmer, like a dressing room, like a backstage, with the delicate makeup at this moment, as if a grand ceremony chould be joined after going out the door.

▼幻镜空间,Dreaming Space

▼洗发区,Shampoo Area

▼VIP入口及内部,VIP entrance and interior

项目名称:MQ STUDIO 发型工作室

Project Name: MQ STUDIO Hair Salon
Category: Shop renovation in shopping mall
Project address: HISENSE shopping mall, Tianjin, China
Design time: July to August 2019
Construction time: August to September 2019
Building area: 160㎡
Design company: LINJIAN Design Studio
Creative Designer: Zhao Yang
Design team: Ma Sitong, Ren Hui, Fan Jinyi
Contact email:
Studio website:
Photographic Copyright: LINJIAN Design Studio
Client: MQ STUDIO Team
Main materials: terrazzo, stainless steel, black glass, soft film ceiling, plastic aluminum plate, mercury mirror

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