Moving as in a dance, China by Wei Yi International Design Associates

Separations, connection, stackle, array

Project Specs


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“ Separations, connection, stackle, and array structure. Concept created with these factors brings the Rubik’s cube like space.” This project is an office located in a commercial building in Nanjing, China. Instead of the stereotype of office design, the designer attempted to create gallery into this office as the key feature. Moreover, the geometrical structures are the other main factor for special concept, such as circle, triangle, square and rectangular, to create areas for different function. Some divisions between different areas are movable thus the areas could be divided as well as connected depends on the occasion which brings the most flexibility. On the other hand, to enrich the variation in the office, the icon of art gallery is adopted into the space. All these ideas putting together giving interest to people walking around, making it like an easy walk in the tranquil lanes.

▼通过阻隔、通透、层递、数组创造崭新的工作场域, space created through separations, connection, stackle, and array structure

▼办公空间采用内部几何形体量,保持区域连贯,geometry blocks are inserted in the office, keeping the connection


By the main concept of geometric, every functional area was created in an box form into the space. The front counter which is rectangular, the square-shaped reception room, the circle reception area, all these parts come out the front area of the office. The roll-shaped wall for reception room goes cross through the square meeting room, describes the connection out of the isolation from each other. The cutout allows the air and light flow through these spaces.

▼带有长方形柜台的入口区域,entrance space with rectangular front counter

▼接待区域,the front area of the office

▼方正的小会客室,square-shaped reception room

▼独立接待区如同卷筒状的弧形结构,the roll-shaped wall for reception room

▼圆筒和方形会议室实际为独立的结构,the roll shaped wall and square meeting room are separated from each other


▼走廊空间形成街道式的感觉,the corridors creates an easy walk in the tranquil lanes

▼大会议室,the meeting room

▼会议室可以进行多功能的用途,the meeting room can be multifunctional

▼滑动门细部,detail of the slide doors

The vertical rectangular volume along the corridor gives the focus. In the main meeting room, the movable divisions gives flexibility. The pure material adopted inside to bring the original characteristic reveals the limpidity. With the reflection of light on grey factor of the ceiling, the wall and the floor, it reveals the gradation of the depth from different grey. Due to the simplity of the color and materials, the beauty of the variation of light by time are described perfectly in the space.

▼彼此连通的工作空间,connected working space


As the lights throw on the layered structures, with the access of the pure materials, it plays the delight in the space, coming back to the origin to show the simplity of materials.The white ceiling and the thin lighting panel come out the contrast in the dark grey space of the meeting room.

▼办公空间,working space

▼办公区白色桌椅和天花薄型灯片在空间创造明显的对比反差,the white tables are contrast with the thin lighting panel


Turning to the GM office, the cabinet presented as a blue square on the grey wall together with the black and red armchairs, the room is created as a the owner’s world out of a art museum.

▼主管办公室内蓝色几何方块设置在灰色墙上,辅以黑色及红色单椅,the cabinet presented as a blue square on the grey wall together with the black and red armchairs in the GM office


Breaking through the ordinary, coming from the purity of the material, the office is no longer a dull space. With the concept of an aesthetic and interesting floating gallery it comes out a unique and extraordinary result.



项目名称:舞Moving as in a dance
Project name: Moving as in a dance
Design: Wei Yi International Design Associates
Contact e-mail:
Design year:2016-2018,
Completion Year: 2018
Leader designer: Hsin-Yuan Fang
Design Team: Wei Yi International Design Associates
Project location: Nanjing
Gross Built Area: 902 sqm
Photo credits: Wei Yi International Design Associates

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