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Giving customers a sense of space that differs from outside during the time waiting for their takeaway products

Project Specs


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A takeaway-only shop, based on the concept of “good things from Japan,” that suggests a modern way of enjoying tea and monaka (Japanese sweets consisting of wafers filled with sweet bean paste), which are deeply rooted in Japanese culture. The monaka are filled with the chef’s choice of seasonal ingredients for an image of beautiful bite-sized “fruits” that delight the eye and the taste buds, and the tea is made from carefully selected leaves that can be paired with each monaka and is poured each time from the pot, in a style allowing customers to carry it around like coffee.

▼店铺外观,exterior view ©臼井淳一


The store was designed with the sales floor and the kitchen behind it occupying the first floor of a three-story building. The sales floor offers about five types of small monaka each day, suggesting a box that attractively displays the monaka so that the customer’s gaze is firstly drawn to the beauty of each one. The floor, walls and ceiling all use black mortar, and the screen leading to the kitchen in the back and the register counter provide a counterpoint through their use of copper sheeting. Copper was chosen for its use in tea utensils, and also because it acquires depth over time, and so it carries the hope that it will settle into this place, along with the store.

▼店铺由销售区和后厨区域组成,the store was designed with the sales floor and the kitchen behind it ©臼井淳一

▼地面、墙壁和天花板均采用黑色灰泥饰面,the floor, walls and ceiling all use black mortar ©臼井淳一

▼木制柜台和铜制收银台,the large wooden counter and the copper register counter ©臼井淳一

▼柜台细节,counter details ©臼井淳一

收银台旁边的大柜台和墙边带有一系列小抽屉的斗柜是专门挑选的古董家具,很好地迎合了商店的氛围。 斗柜旁的家具以日本马栗木制成,与古董家具的材料质感形成了和谐搭配。盛放食物的器皿以衬托食物为目的,并未选用惹眼的材料,但仔细观察便可从中感受设计者挑选它们时所花费的心思。

The large counter beside the register and the wall-mounted shelves with many small drawers are antiques selected for this store to fit its image, and instead of simply matching the sense of the materials, we produced a subtle new combination with furniture made of Japanese horse chestnut. Another point in common with tea utensils is that even though each item does not try to stand out within the small space but defers to the product, which is the star of the show after all, a look at the supporting cast reveals that they have also been specially chosen to create this space.

▼墙边的古董抽屉柜搭配新设计的家具,the wall-mounted shelves combined with the new designed furniture ©臼井淳一

▼家具和器皿细部,furniture and products ©臼井淳一


In addition, by deliberately having a low ceiling, we have created a compactness like that of a tea house, with the aim of giving customers a sense of space that differs from outside during the short time (a few minutes) while they select and wait for their takeaway products.

▼压低的天花板带来与外界截然不同的氛围,the low ceiling gives customers a sense of space that differs from outside ©臼井淳一

▼细部,detail ©臼井淳一


The façade has an opening with only a curtain and no screens.This affords the store the meaning of a particular space, a place focused on the products yet still open to everyone. As a matter of fact, after the store opens, small children from the neighborhood sometimes come by, holding a few coins to buy monaka. The store embodies the owner’s desire for many people of all ages and walks of life to enjoy carefully selected delicacies in a refined space.

▼入口立面,entrance facade ©臼井淳一

▼门帘和标识细部,curtain and store sign ©臼井淳一

Location: City of osaka, Osaka prefecture
Completion:September 2019
Building use: monaka & tea

More: koyori 对gooood的分享。更多关于:koyori on gooood

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