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这间风格独特的全天候小餐厅名为Middle South East,位于Chapel Street,是墨尔本最繁华的购物区之一。餐厅兼具了澳大利亚的现代用餐环境和中东的热情氛围,并通过其厨房和室内设计的丰富层次体现出来。设计团队担任了室内和品牌设计,并根据场地的文化根源以及餐厅所在的South Yarra地区为之赋予了新的名称。设计方案促进了早中晚餐服务的流畅切换,并带来流动的连通空间。设计师为不同的就餐需要设置了不同的区域:主吧台划分了休闲餐饮区和较为空间较为紧密的素食区,中央区域则用于提供预制餐和外带食品。开放式的厨房更令Middle South East活跃的团队氛围成为整个餐厅的关键体验。

Situated in one of Melbourne’s most popular shopping precincts, Middle South East on Chapel Street is our interpretation of an all-day eatery with unparalleled style. The restaurant merges contemporary Australian dining with Middle Eastern hospitality, expressed through its culinary offering and a richly layered design. With our team behind interiors as well as branding, we developed the venue name as a reference to its cultural provenance and its location at South Yarra’s recently rebranded 670 Chapel Street centre. Our spatial plan facilitates an effortless transition between breakfast, lunch and dinner service, and encourages fluid connectivity. We established different areas for diverse dining needs – the main bar divides the casual dining area from an intimately configured grazing section, while access to the adjoining centre hosts pre-made menu items and takeaway orders. By opening up the kitchen to the space, the dynamic energy of the Middle South East hospitality team is key to the experience.

▼餐厅外观,external view

▼室外就座区,exterior seating area

▼室内概览,an overview of the interior

▼主吧台位于空间中心,the main bar in the middle

▼较低的台面便于顾客和服务员的交流,bar seating positioned at a low height to encourage easy interaction between staff and customers



Upon entry from the street, visitors are presented with an array of seating options tailored to suit any occasion. Bar seating and dedicated coffee and juice stations were intentionally positioned at a low height to encourage easy interaction between staff and customers, while existing bulk heads were removed to enable an unobstructed openness throughout. Middle South East’s various zones are distinguished by detail – with inky blue tiles and brass shelving, a simple water station becomes a high impact convergence point. Curved forms defining the bar, water station and custom furniture relate subtly to the venue’s undulant exterior, conveying an organic sense of movement.

▼水站成为了引人注目的焦点,a simple water station becomes a high impact convergence point

在材料和用色方面,设计师参考了中东建筑具有感染力的质朴气息。整个餐厅在陶土色的光影中泛出温暖的气息,主吧台的手工瓷砖表面闪耀着天然的光泽。古旧的黄铜固定装置、定制的垂饰和壁灯带来了低调的丰富性。桌面和长凳表面运用的水磨石从视觉上统一了空间,不同的色调为其赋予纹路。设计师与餐厅主人针对Middle South East的临街立面进行了密切沟通,为实现餐厅外观的吸引力探索了各种各样的方法。最终设计师为餐厅设计了咖啡和外带食品车,进一步增强了餐厅在街道上的存在感。这些元素与室外的一系列展台共同成为具有高辨识度和招揽性的餐厅象征。Middle South East是一间舒适且充满活力的餐厅,它通过澳大利亚的视角,向慷慨好客的文化传统致以敬意。

In crafting the restaurant’s materiality and colour palette, we turned to the evocative earthiness of Middle Eastern architecture. Exuding a deep warmth, Middle South East is imbued with light and dark shades of terracotta, tones which extend to hand-made tiles on the main bar in a tactile natural finish accented with gloss. Aged brass fixtures add understated richness, along with custom-designed pendant and wall light fittings. The space is visually united by Terrazzo stone on tables and bench tops, flecked with hues present in the design. Working closely with the owner to capitalise on Middle South East’s enviable street frontage, we explored various ways of projecting the restaurant’s conviviality outward. We created a custom-built coffee and takeaway cart to further activate the restaurant’s presence at street level. Together with a series of inviting booths outside, these elements place people at the fore, acting as a highly visible endorsement of a welcoming venue. Comfortable and vibrant, Middle South East is designed to celebrate a cultural tradition of generous hospitality, through a modern Australian lens.

▼古旧的黄铜装饰和壁灯带来质感和丰富性,aged brass fixtures add understated richness, along with custom-designed pendant and wall light fittings


▼灯饰细部,detail of the light fittings

▼餐桌细部,detail of the dining table



▼入口玻璃,glazed wall of entrance





Name of the project: Middle South East
Location of the project (city/country): 670 Chapel Street, South Yarra Melbourne Australia
Completion:June 2017
Category: Hospitality – Cafe / Restaurant / Bar
Name of photographer: Tom Blachford
Link of photographer website: www.tomblachford.com
Name of contact person:Jean-Pierre Biasol
Email of contact person:jeanpierre@biasol.com.au
Name of design office: Biasol
Link of design office website: http://www.biasol.com.au/
Facebook: https://facebook.com/biasoldesign/
Instagram: @biasoldesign
Pinterest: https://au.pinterest.com/biasoldesign/
Designer or designer office based in (city/country):
Melbourne, Australia

More: Biasol。更多关于他们:Biasol on gooood.


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