Mews house by HUTCH

by reseting stairs create a bright living space

Project Specs


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A complete reconfiguration and extension of a Mews House in Hackney, for a young, growing family.

▼室内一览,interior view

房屋的原始结构是一栋两层砖房,整个住宅被夹在一排建筑中,位于百老汇市场的后面。因此,整个内部空间让人感觉幽闭而局促,几乎没有自然光射入房间。 为了将这个小小的住宅打造成为一个更大、更实用的现代住宅,我们将运用创造性的方式对空间进行改造。

The original two-storey, brick property was embedded amongst a series of buildings at the back of Broadway Market, and as a consequence, felt claustrophobic, confined, and had little source of natural light. To turn this small property, into a larger, more usable modern home, we had to be inventive in its use of space.

▼带大开窗的客厅区域,the living room with a large window

▼住宅内的家庭办公区,the home-office

▼住宅办公室与起居区相通,interior view

▼家庭办公区采用折叠墙进行遮挡,这样也能作为第三个卧室使用,the home-office also doubles as a third bedroom, which can be closed off with its bespoke-built folding wall.


We reconfigured the floor levels to increase the ceiling heights across a staggered ground floor, which is comprised of three split-levels, promoting views and interaction between different areas of the home. The new home-office opens up to the living area, and the open-plan kitchen looks down unto the living and dining spaces below. The home-office also doubles as a third bedroom, which can be closed off with its bespoke-built folding wall.

▼白色为主基调的厨房空间,white as color-based kitchen space

▼厨房中都使用类似的材料,来增强了空间的连续感, the kitchen using similar materials to add the feeling of continuous space


The feeling of continuous space, rather than individual rooms, is enhanced by using similar materials throughout the house. To create a calm, light interior we added larger timber windows and a full-width roof-light over the stair – bringing more natural light into the centre of the house and to the kitchen at the rear. In addition, storage, important to the family home, was maximised and concealed throughout.

▼带大屋顶灯的明亮楼梯间,bright stairwell with large roof light

▼储藏空间被最大化地隐藏在房屋的各个角落,shortage was maximised and concealed throughout

▼与楼梯间相结合的储藏空间,storage combining with the staircase

▼卫生间,the bathroom

▼改造轴测图,the rebuilding axon

▼建筑轴测图,the building axon


▼一&二层平面图,the 1st & 2rd floor plan

▼三层平面图,the 3rd floor plan

More:HUTCH。更多关于他们:HUTCH on gooood

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