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Turning a job into something close to a lifestyle

Project Specs


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For the concept design of our new office, we reflected on our team and daily activities. What do we require from a space when we come in for work? What makes for the right atmosphere to work in, and how can we project company values and philosophy onto a spatial design? What will work look like in the near future, now that Millennials are increasingly entering the labour market? What will they want? What do we want?

▼长条形办公室空间概览,interior view of the long office space


What used to be considered a duty performed from 9—5, during which one sat individually inside a cubicle while responding to a single phone and computer, has changed a lot in the present day world. We have been shaped by a stream of new ways to communicate, and along with it came a new work mentality. A global internet connection proved we can actually work from any place at any given time, driving fixed schedules close to obsolete, and the reasons for employees to go work inside an office less and less convincible.

▼入口空间,entrance space

▼半围合式的办公小隔间,semi-enclosed small working cube

▼办公小隔间对面是圆桌会客区及厨房吧台,round table meeting area and kitchen bar at the opposite of the office cube


▼厨房与办公区域之间没有明确分隔墙,依靠材料和家具进行区分,there is no walls between kitchen and working area & materials are applied to separate these two spaces

When at work, we plan, strategize and design on a daily basis. Innovation and creativity have become the way to success, making us think of professional growth as something personal, now that both lives are gradually more intertwined. We work to live and live to work with satisfaction, turning a job into something close to a lifestyle that should be capable of fitting various employee’s personalities. As a result, flexibility has become the key concept design of every office space, be it our own work space in Barcelona –A white canvas that invites you to feel free, comfortable and connected–, or the offices of clients like Roche or King that have to fit thousands of personalities and ideas inside one company philosophy and over various buildings.

▼核心办公空间,the main working space

▼空间中央的长条会议桌,long meeting table at the centre of the office

▼邻近落地窗的沙发洽谈区,communication area next to the roof-to-ceiling windows

▼阳光在这里洒下斑驳的光影,the sunshine sprinkles mottled shadows here

▼沿墙工作台细节,detail of the workbench along the wall

▼夹层楼梯,stairs to the mezzanine

▼结构体系分析,analysis of the structure system

▼结构图解,structure diagram

▼不同布局的平面图,plans in different arrangement

LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain
PHOTOGRAPHY: Iris Humm, Jaime Font Furest

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