Meow Restaurant in Guangzhou, China by E Studio

Modern Cat Forest

Project Specs


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Appreciations towards E Studio for providing the following description:

就是这样的喵(Meow Restaurant)是一家探索空间趣味性的猫主题咖啡厅,由十九世纪红砖船厂仓库改造而成的猫星人部落。项目位于网红打卡点广州太古仓码头,不仅是五十只猫星人的栖息地,同时具备撸猫、就餐、派对、宠物沙龙等功能。

Meow Restaurant is a cat-themed cafe that explores the fun of space. The café is transformed from a red-wall warehouse built in the 1990s. With the location of Butterfield & Swire’s Godowns & Wharf, which is popular among the citizens, the café is not only a place for fifty lovely cats, but also for cat lovers to have parties, enjoy meals and hold pet salon.

▼室内空间一览,overall view of the interior


With the concept of a sharing space for both people and cats, the challenge of this project is to keep balance between the spaces for the two users. All the scales and designs of the project are related to cats. In response to the “forest” as the client referred to, by using an abstract design method, E Studio uses blocks and platform devices to connect different spaces instead of illustrating a real forest.



The black block at the entrance indicates the tune inside. The pine wood buffer zone offers a space for shoes-changing and hands-washing.

▼入口处的黑色体块,木板搭建的平台供人短暂停留,black block at the entrance, the wood platform offers a buffer zone for people


The river, tree house and other natural features are expressed in a narrative way. Such like the terrace field in the middle of the first floor is designed in the cat’s shape. This terrace is used as seats, instead of the traditional ones, to increase the interactions between people and cats, and to hold public activities. The ups and downs of the terrace field satisfy the different behaviors of the customers and cats.

▼巨型“梯田”代替传统座位,拉近人与猫之间的关系,terrace field in place of traditional seats, creating a intimate space for people and cats

▼猫穿梭于梯田,带来有趣的互动,interaction with cats in the terrace field


Basing on the habit of cats, which is enjoying the height, the designer insert a tree house on the upper level to build a platform where customers could enjoy a comprehensive view. The unique pitched ceiling could satisfy both of the customers’ and the cats’ behaviors. One could take a break or enjoy a coffee inside the tree house, or just sit and overlook what is happening downstairs and enjoy every minute with cats.

▼空中树屋,让人可以从高处观察猫的活动,tree house on the upper level, from which people could observe the cats below

▼在树屋中休息,rest in the tree house

▼楼梯下的休息空间,rest area under the staircase

▼楼梯细部,details of the staircase


The original steel-structured second floor was transformed into a dining space. There, the form of the desk vividly illustrates the stream of the forest, and the stainless steel board on the wall imitate the water ripple. The second floor enables the customers to enjoy a more comfortable and free atmosphere, where different dinning spaces are organized, and the unique visual effect contributes to an unconventional experience with cats.

▼二层就餐空间,河桌满足不同用餐方式,提供更自由的就餐体验,dining space on the second floor, the river table provides various dining experience

▼墙面使用波浪不锈钢模仿水波,corrugated stainless steel plate on the walls resembles the water ripple

▼从就餐区看向树屋,view of the tree house from the dining space

▼二层猫咪娱乐区,entertainment space on the second floor


In the exploration and development of café, the Meow Restaurant designed by E Studio reveals a modern “Cat Forest” without using any of the real trees. By applying this unique and innovative design concept, the Meow Restaurant welcomes everyone to enjoy a wonderful time with cats.

▼人猫共处的现代猫森林,a modern cat forest where people could stay with cats harmoniously

▼一层平面图,first floor plan

▼二层平面图,second floor plan

项目地点:中国 广州
项目周期: 2018年6月-7月(设计)、2018年7月-9月(施工并完工)

Project name: Meow Restaurant
Location: Guangzhou, China
Size: 300 sqm Project
Period: 2017(Design and Completion)
Interior design: E Studio
Chief Designer: FAN Junjian, CHOU
Design Team: HU Yulong, LI Chujun, Jean Huang
Photographer: ZHANG Chao
Light Design: ShenZhen MoKe Lighting Electric CO,Ltd
Construction Team: The QUARTZ Construction

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