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Mei mian Furnishing is a furniture company that contain development and production of bedding and household items. We are honored to be entrusted to create a fashionable and elegant office space.

▼一楼前厅,Front hall on the first floor


▼背景墙,Background wall



The office building is located in a duplex building in the business park. The L-shaped French windows provide sufficient lighting for the inner space. The client hopes to plan a reasonable functional area within a strict construction budget to form a naturally flowing line, and create a free and comfortable office atmosphere.

▼洽谈区,Negotiate area


After fully communication between us and the customer, we decided to use semi- transparent punching plate to divide the area and make the space free and lively. The stairs, as a link between the first and the second floor, we added a stepped iron box on the basis of the original stairs, forming a layered and three-dimensional structure . At the same time, the elements of the steps extend to the bar, increasing the fun of the space.

▼后厅&会议室,Posterior chamber&Conference Room

▼半通透式冲孔板细部,semi-transparent punching plate details

▼楼梯,在原有基础之上,加入了阶梯式的铁盒,Stairs. we added a stepped iron box on the basis of the original construction


In order to break the monotonous white space atmosphere, we decided to use the blocks of green to enhance the layering of office space, Green is the most vibrant color of nature, allowing people to calm down and quietly think about problems… ..

▼二楼休息区,Second floor rest area




With the premise of avoiding too much disturbing the space environment , we insist on the design concept of “less is more”.

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,second floor plan


Name of the project: Mei Mian Furnishing& office space
Design company: Hangzhou shang zhai liang ying Space Design Co., Ltd.
Designer:Chunlin Wang
Business contacts: 13588295546
Photography:Wen Photography
Completion time: 2018.06
Project address:No.2 building ,No19 Jiuhe ROAD,Jianggan District,HANGZHOU
Project area: 200m²
Construction company: Hangzhou Mei Mian Furnishing
Construction supervision:Xiaojun Miao

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