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Cuisine is the art of life. Space is a container for life of art.

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The existing of Tong Zi Lin district could be one of the evidences of urban high-speed development during 90s in city of chengdu, you will soon realized that its infrastructure network is truly inspired by the three basic principle of character of chengdu: comfort, coziness and city’s Inclusiveness. Therefore, “ Eating at Tong Zi Lin ” seems to be more fastidious. How can a restaurant which focuses on Japanese cuisine stand in this such a background is the main task for us to take up.

▼店铺外观,exterior view


Restoring the original taste of natural food is where the spirit of Japanese cuisine existed in. However, in this era of rapid de-velopment, the systematic design research was conducted about how to build up a Japanese style space, most of them are identical but lacking in its uniqueness. In modern society, hybrid culture has blurred the boundary of multiple branding style. A brand with its unique appeal while also having sustainable vitality seems to be more attractive to customers. For this reason, our strategy is to re-examine the ex-pression of the space more according to the ambience. Cuisine is the art of life. Space is a container for life of art.

▼店铺入口走廊,exterior corridor

▼外部细节,exterior details



We hold the opinion that MAN MAN doesn’t need to be overwhelming, but it can be the most appropriate one here in Tong Zi Lin. We fully believe that the exploration of brand uniqueness and vitality should be both preserved and adapted to new needs. The restaurant is sited on the ground floor of an office building. Knowing the impact that the project is having on those who lived in it, is the proper way we cross the line between the fields of urban planning and architecture that was completely un-covered.


▼室内概览,interior overview

▼室外以景深及光影作为媒介,室内又延续不同空间的尺度联系,the light creating the interesting relationship between the interior space and exterior space


The core design element that we decided to define space is the curve linear form so that it brings the cohesion and continuity to the building while gives the space some of its own personality. The rhythm of the curve flows through the different func-tional spaces, thus forming a corridor that leads customers into the space. People in Chengdu are obsessed and inspired by light, and more to the point, the absent of it. So the light influences the whole design that exterior is all about the shades of grey and shards of light, but the brighter artificial light lift the spirit in dinning space where the focus is on how the light hits the different surfaces, creating the interesting relationship between the interior space and exterior space.

▼弧形成为一种建筑元素来界定空间与环境,the core design element is the curve linear form

▼曲线的韵律又天然透露着瞬间打动人的力度,the rhythm of the curve flows through the different func-tional spaces




项目名称:Man Man鳗满
项目设计 & 完成年份 2019年6月 & 2019年10月
主创: Louis 廖晋南
设计团队: Fei 薛菲,Simon 张浩霖,Tokay 余岛,Zoey 郑颖
建筑面积:165m² Area: 165 sqm
客户:Man Man鳗满
品牌:Van Der Rohe 凡德罗

Project name:Man Man鳗满
Project Complete: Oct.2019
Leader designer & Team:ARCHETYPE元太设计
Design in charge: Louis 廖晋南
Space Design: Fei 薛菲, Simon 张浩霖, Tokay 余岛, Zoey 郑颖
Project location:Chengdu, China
Area:165 sqm
Photo credits:形在建筑空间摄影 Here Space Photography
Clients:Man Man鳗满
Brands / Products used in the project:Van Der Rohe

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