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A sense of more than form, but more about function and experiences.

Project Specs


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For a building area of 60 square meters, a height of 9 meters loft space, we think about the reality of the present situation and rational, includes the status of the brand itself、the customers’ need for spatial functionality、the budget that can support and the disadvantage of the existing space, Provide an integrative solution: On the outer surface of the space, we made a projecting part of the design within a reasonable range, it extends the space of the porch. Design by side door, preserve the integrity of the entrance lounge, create a sense of independent space in a small yard.

▼空间外立面,front view

▼内部空间,the interior


The arch between the porch and the atrium, solved the original disadvantage structure, the tension and balance of internal and external repair are brought by the radian Angle; The atrium is divided into two regions: product making and experience by open bar and comfortable table, the product display is partly embedded in the wall, create a sense of order and ritual. Express with concise integral design, disassemble the existing disadvantage structure and visual integration, the construction of the sense of space architecture was completed;To refine the spatial layout、material and lighting processing and overall temperament construction, provide customers with a complete, balanced solution with another level of space experience.

▼拱门解决了而原有劣势结构,the arch solved the original disadvantage structure

▼产品体验区,the product experiencing space


▼产品制作区,product producing


The height of the atrium is in contrast to the low part of the staircase, the deep sense of space is formed. To the second floor is a narrow corridor, the second floor design department runs along the channel line, connect with the atrium on the first floor, to form an independent and open vision. The office of the third floor connects with the outdoor area with the floor-to-ceiling window, bring plenty of sunshine and full visual perception.


▼休息区,rest aera


Through consideration of reality, reasonable spatial layout and functional structure, integrate and express the design, provide customers with a sense of more than form, pay more attention to the feasibility of actual operation、people’s effective participation and use of the spatial solution of feeling.

▼一层平面图,the first floor plan

▼二层平面图,the second floor plan


设计公司: 杭州蒋杰室内设计有限公司
位置: 杭州
类型: 燕窝工作室
材料: 水磨石


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