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Benjamin Hubert与其所在的LAYER设计公司将于九月的伦敦设计节在Somerset House发布其为家具品牌Allermuir设计的AXYL系列。该系列包含一款可选择有无扶手的座椅,一款高脚凳和一款咖啡桌,运用了强烈的几何设计语言,从A型结构和20世纪中期丹麦式外壳等常见事物中汲取了全新的灵感。AXYL是Benjamin Hubert和LAYER公司首次与英国家具品牌进行的合作,产品的生产成本较高,从概念到实际生产总计花费了两年的时间。

Benjamin Hubert of experience design agency LAYER will launch the AXYL collection for UK furniture brand Allermuir at the London Design Festival in September at Somerset House. Comprising a chair, available with and without arms, a barstool and a café table, AXYL utilises a strong geometric design language that is entirely original yet draws on familiar references, such as the A-frame typology and a Mid-Century Danish wrap-around shell. AXYL is Benjamin Hubert’s and LAYER’s first collaboration with a British furniture brand, and the intensive project, including high tooling investment, was completed in 2 years from sketch to full production.

▼AXYL座椅,AXYL chair

▼AXYL高脚凳,AXYL barstool


低环境影响 | Low impact


The AXYL collection is part of LAYER’s ongoing commitment to working with companies to lower their impact on the environment. The recycled aluminium in the Y-frame of the chairs uses just 5% of the energy required to create new aluminium and also offers significant cost savings; the chair shells, stool tops and café table tops are available in a variety of low-impact materials, including recycled wood fibre, reclaimed timber and recycled nylon, offering an efficient way of re-using waste product from the furniture industry.

▼座椅的Y型结构和外壳表面均使用了环保材料,the Y-frame and the shell of the chair are made of low-impact materials

▼座椅细部,detail of the chairs


▼座椅零件结构,components of the chair

▼座椅设计草图,sketch of the chair

▼AXYL高脚凳,AXYL barstools



▼高脚凳细部,detail of the barstool

▼高脚凳零件结构,components of the barstool

▼高脚凳设计草图,sketch of the barstool


新旧结合 | Something old, something new


The AXYL collection is a sophisticated combination of recognisable elements – such as the A-frame typology and the Mid-Century wrap-around shell – that come together to create a distinctive new form. The chairs employ a unique recycled die-cast aluminum Y-frame silhouette topped with a softly geometric injection moulded shell, which is designed to embrace the sitter, and an optional cushion. The AXYL chairs stack four-high to enable easy storage. 

▼堆放效果,the groups


▼座椅可堆叠,便于存放,the chairs stack four-high to enable easy storage


More: Benjamin Hubert x Layer 更多关于他们:Layer on gooood.


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