Luke Island Dry-skiing Resort, China by Yudao Landscape Design

A place for skiing with open boundary.

Project Specs


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Entrusted by the owner that the natural slopes facing the lake needed meet the practice requirements of the skiers, on which arranged respectively the primary snow trail with a width of 20 meters and the intermediate snow trail with a width of 30 meters.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view of the project


▼项目生成示意图,generation diagram

As the project is adjacent to the lake, the layout of the snow slide is perpendicular to the shoreline, and the process of “skiing sprint” towards the lake shore is regarded as the core experience of the project. Two chute branches are adopted to enter from the unified front preparation area. On one side is directly connected to the primary track, which is convenient for children to wear snowshoes without traveling too far. On the other side, the platform is constructed by overlapping scaffolds, rising to the starting platform of the intermediate road with a height difference of 15 meters from the lake surface, so as to experience the sliding feeling of speed.

▼滑雪场由两条分行的滑道组成,the project is composed of two slides


The site is a long and narrow area. Due to all the surrounding areas are built, and the effective space depth between the project plot and the lake area is short and the site slope is small, it cannot meet the use requirements of the slide in the dry-skiing resort. Considering that only depending on the way of piling slope, not only the earthwork demand is large, but also the surrounding site has a certain sense of pressure. After many discussions and repeated verifications with the owner and the technical management team, we chose a method that has less impact on the surrounding site and is more convenient for construction. The local pile slope combined with the form of lightweight scaffolding can meet the requirements of the Slope length and grade of the dry-skiing slide and enhance the sense of experience.

▼滑雪场局部使用轻质脚手架,part of the slide is supported by lightweight scaffolding


On the premise of the construction of high cost performance, we hope that we can build the most unique skiing experience atmosphere. In the process of matching and the surrounding site design, we tried different ways of slope space processing, finally we decided to use linear guide + hierarchical platform and combine with the bright color piece and line layout, so that let the construction integrate with the site, through pure colours contrast to promote the whole area identification and design feeling. Striving to create a sense of place that is dynamic, relaxed and in harmony with the surrounding site.

▼项目一览,构筑物与场地融合统一,construction integrate with the site


Following the route of entering the island, the entrance of the dry-skiing resort welcomes the experiencers in an open form. The entrance is designed to lead the visitor from the roadway to the site via a highly colored linear ramp and a brightly colored retaining wall.

▼坡道和色彩鲜明的挡墙连接项目入口,colored ramp and retaining wall connected to the entrance


The dark grey ground is matched with bright yellow lines to create a sense of movement and play a guiding role.

▼深灰色地面搭配亮黄色线条,dark grey ground with bright yellow lines


The first-level rest platform is combined with the container building as the preparation before admission, while the second-level rest platform and the building are a series of comprehensive functions including the starting platform of the primary road, the passage leading to the starting platform of the intermediate road, the rest and waiting, the parents and accompanying lounge, and the storage of goods and so on.

▼二级平台准备区,preparation area on the second level



The ground fog spray system is an ingenious arrangement to maintain the wet degree of the slide, reduce the friction and resistance during sliding, and improve the speed of the rider.

▼滑道上设置地面喷雾系统,ground fog spray system on the slide


Considering more possibilities of activities, the site adopts an open boundary design to improve the participation in interaction, and people who visit and watch the sliding activities can find good stopping points. The reserved lawn provides a prepared space for holding activities.

▼从滑道看向湖面景观,view to the lake from the slide


▼总平面图,site plan


景观:昱道景观 & 创合园林
项目设计 & 完成年份:2018
摄影版权:存在建筑   孙庆   昱道景观
建筑:HC+2 Studio

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