Lotus Dessert By Atelier TAO+C

Convey an ordinary everyday life atmosphere.

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Lotus Dessert is located inside a Carrefour in Shanghai, which specializes in traditional Cantonese dessert use lotus seeds as the main ingredient. The designer intends to recall the memories of a traditional street food stall with simple contemporary design language. The fabric curtain signs, menu handwritten on a wooden board convey an ordinary everyday life atmosphere, but also with a sense of strangeness in an urban environment.

▼糖水铺外观,view of the shop

重拾日常之美,是TAO&C的设计线索。意向落入设计之前的首要考虑是如何在极小的尺度中实现功能的集合,将厨房、点餐吧台和座位区三大区块融入20平方米内, 并容纳适宜的尺度和恰当的联系。在隔出厨房之后,围绕边界做一层浅木色木柜和墙板。座位区被浅木色墙板舒适的包围,利用实木多层板的材料自身特性——侧边和面层的不同,形成立面上的线与面的构图,也是工艺本身的结构体现。

Accommodated the kitchen, bar and seating area within 20 square meters, the designer seeks restore the appropriate dimensions. The kitchen is hided behind, the designer wrapped all the enclosures with maple plywood at a datum line about 2.2 meters high, resulted in a cozy seating are surrounded by wood. By emphasizing the nature of the plywood – the wooden plane and the side of section shows the multi-layers, the plane as the wall panels, the side as the structures and frames, formed a composition of the elevation which is simple and meanwhile complicate. 

▼明确分区的空间,functional division

▼由浅木色环绕的用餐区,seating space is surrounded by wood


The wooden cabinets between the kitchen and bar were embedded with striated glass and framed by the stripes of plywood, functions as both the external display cabinet and the inner kitchen counter. The glass enables us to see through the kitchen, the solidity of the wall disappeared. 

▼既是展示柜也是厨房操作台的木框,the cabinets functions as both the external display cabinet and the inner kitchen counter

▼条形玻璃与木框细节,detail of striated glass and plywood


The bronze frames hanging from the ceiling combine with banners, sign and suspended lights. The ceiling and wall above the datum line were painted in green, with the finish of maple plywood, creating an atmosphere of bright and fresh as the flavor of the dessert.

▼黄铜色的金属吊杆和顶灯,the bronze frames and lighting



项目名称: 莲喰
场地地址: 中国上海
项目类型: 糖水铺
设计师: 西涛设计工作室
完成日期: 2017年5月
设计时间: 2016年2月-2016年4月
面积: 20 sqm
材料: 水磨石,木皮染灰绿色,枫木多层板
灯具: 设计定制
设计团队:刘涛,Cai Chun Yan,王唯鹿,刘胜丁
摄影师: 关里

Project Name: Lotus Dessert
Site Address: Shanghai, China
Project Type: Dessert bar
Designer: Atelier TAO+C
Completion Date: May 2017
Design Period: Feb 2016 – April 2016
Gross square footage: 20 sqm
Materials: Terrazzo, Tinted greenish wood veneer, Maple plywood
Decorative Lighting: Customized bronze
Interiors – Furniture: Customized
Design Team: Tao Liu, Cai Chun Yan, Wang Wei LU, Liu Sheng Ding
Photography@: Guan Li
Address: Room102, No 91-1 Tianping Lu, Shanghai China 200030
mail: info@ateliertaoc.com

Chinese & English text: Atelier TAO+C

更多关于他们:Atelier TAO+C on gooood

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