Lobby & Bocca Buona Restaurant refurbishment for the Park Inn by Radisson Zurich Airport hotel / Pinch of Design

Swiss minimalism & Italian experience

Project Specs


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以色彩稍加点缀的北欧风情 Swiss minimalism with a Pinch of colours


Redesign of the hotel lobby aimed to create a place for social connections, functional yet elegant and memorable live-inn room that makes guests feel like at home. The central social space provides a cosy ambience with comfortable armchairs, high back sofas and coffee tables, fully equipped for a creative co-working and conversations. It delivers a consistent guests’ experience and a truly great first impression that invite guests to linger and interact with others. Lobby walls and the first floor windows are integrated by the use of same system of timber panels and slats, transforming the upper floor to a graphic play of vertical partitions that permit the views at the same time. Dark grey colour of timber wall finishes and grey cement tiles correspond to Swiss minimalistic architecture and design, carefully contrasted with colourfull furniture and custom-made wall graphics. 

▼大堂入口区域,entrance area

▼墙壁上使用了垂直的板条系统,the system of timber panels and slats are used in lobby walls

▼木质饰面和水泥地砖与鲜艳的家具和定制壁画形成相宜的对比,the timber wall finishes and grey cement tiles are carefully contrasted with colourfull furniture and custom-made wall graphics


原汁原味的意大利体验 A true Italian experience

Bocca Buona餐厅反映了丰富多彩的意大利文化与传统。设计师以现代的手法诠释了意大利的经典元素及氛围,将顾客们带入一场难忘的意大利之旅,创造一段原汁原味的、振奋人心的意大利故事。

Bocca Buona is a true Italian experience that reflects rich Italian culture and tradition. Typical Italian elements and ambience are reinterpreted in a modern way and take customers on a memorable journey to Italy, creating an authentic and exciting Italian story.

▼餐厅外观,exterior view


Bocca Buona provides a community feel, the concept of Italian family and friends gathered around a large communal table, centrally placed, that brings a warm, crowdy and noisy ambience of the Italian street and a lively bustle into the restaurant. The Italian culture of food is the main attraction of the restaurant. The platforms are a Show kitchen and a Show bar, on opposite sides of the restaurant, where the distance between service and person being served is removed. The customers can enjoy views of theatrical preparation of simple delicious food and typical Italian drinks and even participate in the show while preparing their own pizza.

▼温暖、拥挤而喧闹的意大利街市氛围,a warm, crowdy and noisy ambience of the Italian street

▼展示吧台,Show bar



The fusion of different styles and elements evokes rich Italian cultural history and design periods, contrasting materials, textures and colours in a contemporary and stylish manner.

▼多样的材料、纹理和色彩相互融合,different materials, textures and colours are integrated in a contemporary and stylish manner


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