Liquid Skies by Roman De Giuli

(video included)A voyage through a universe of colors and glitter

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这项令人大饱眼福的作品是完全用颜料在纸上创作的。艺术家Roman De Giuli用微距镜头拍摄了一系列尺度极小的场景,花费了超过一年的时间。Roman De Giuli在过去的几年间一直投身于实验性的流体艺术,其作品充斥着各种绚烂的颜料和色彩,以及他自行创造的神奇液体。该作品可以通过HDR设备、家庭电视、智能手机或电脑观看。


This satisfying eye candy was completely created with paint on paper. The different sceneries are very tiny and got filmed with a macro lens over a period of one year. Roman De Giuli works with many different paints and colors as well as self created magic fluids. Over the last years, experimental fluid artist became his biggest passion. Enjoy the full experience and watch this video on your HDR device, home TV, smartphone or computer. If you don’t have an HDR device, no worries! Youtube will convert this video to your device with no issues!



















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