Likeshop showroom, Russia by Eduard Eremchuk

A stylish space that matches the crazy young fashion

Project Specs


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Likeshop展示间位于历史建筑罗斯托夫中心,有较高的天花板和巨大的拱形窗户。总面积46平方米。该品牌的衣服大多色彩鲜艳且设计前卫,适合年轻人。受到亚洲设计潮流的影响,建筑师希望将展示间设计成博物馆一样的氛围。一个全部用黄色涂料覆盖的大厅和一个放着彩色物件与粉色皮草艺术的白色空间组成了展厅。黄色是这个品牌的标志性颜色。因此,第一个房间是接待处和办公室,它被设计成一个全部是黄颜色的房间。曲线桌后面的镜面,让这个黄色空间成倍增大。镜子后面有个储藏空间。这个“黄色的盒子”让人们想起James Turrell的一些博物馆艺术装置。

Likeshop Showroom is located in the center of Rostov-on-Don in the historical building with high ceilings and big arched windows. Total area is 46 sqm. The speciality of the brand is colourful and crazy clothes mostly for young people.  Inspired by the Asian design tendency of making museum-like showrooms, the architect came up with the idea of an all coloured yellow hall and a big white main space with colourful elements and pink fur art object. The showroom consists of two spaces.Yellow is the signature colour of this brand. Thus, the first room, which is the reception and the office, designed as all coloured yellow room. The mirror covered the whole wall behind the curve table, which reflects the infinite yellow space. There is the storage space behind it. This “yellow box ”reminds visitors of some museum installation inspired by James Turrell.

▼全部是黄颜色的房间作为接待室,曲线桌后的镜子让这个黄色空间成倍增大;the “yellow box” is the reception place with a mirror behind the curved table that amplifies the space


主要的零售空间呈白色,里面有一些彩色的细节和强烈的几何物件,与黄色的房间形成对比。房间内的中心元素是一个覆盖着皮草的粉红色的更衣室,设计灵感来源于Alexandro MсQueen的花瓣裙。在这个普通的空间里,它就像一个巨大的雕塑。放置衣服的彩色盒子根据展示需要而有不同的高度。天花板没有进行改造。地板统一使用了乙烯树脂材料。设计中最困难的部分是如何体现品牌的独特氛围并突出空间的优势。设计师通过独特的家具设计来解决这个问题。色彩鲜亮的家具甚至从街上都能够看到。

In contrast with yellow room, the main retail space is all coloured white with colourful details and strong geometry. Inspired by Alexandro MсQueen’s petal dresses, the main central element is a pink dressing room covered with fur. It resembles a big sculpture in a plain space. Colourful glass boxes for clothes have different heights for comfort exposition. The ceiling was left without changes. Floors were covered with homogeneous vinyl. The most difficult task was reflecting a unique atmosphere of the brand and highlight the advantages of the space. This was resolved with the furniture all made in a unique design, coloured with bright colours, which are even seen from the street through the big windows.

▼零售空间一览,overview of the retail room

▼零售空间里放置着一些色彩鲜艳且几何造型强烈的装饰物件,colorful and geometric objects are placed in the retail room

▼更衣室细节,details of the change room



▼平面,the plan

摄影:Inna Kablukova
建筑师:Eduard Eremchuk

Photography : Inna Kablukova
Location : Russia, Rostov-on-Don
Architect : Eduard Eremchuk
Programm : Likeshop showroom
Completion : December, 2017
Area : 46 sqm
Type : Retail

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