Administrative headquarters of the Andalusian Regional Government, Granada, Spain by Cruz y ortiz Architects

An untypical government building

Project Specs

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The Almanjayar zone, the area chosen for the construction of the administrative headquarters of the Andalusian Regional Government in Granada, did not provide any sort of stimulus for the building’s design or layout. The chosen site was bordered by residential buildings to the west, a large shopping centre to the south, a supermarket to the north and eternally unfinished construction to the east. In essence, the public administration’s precise aim was to attempt to rezone the area through the presence of this new building; undoubtedly a positive approach in terms of urban development, but one that also presented a serious challenge to the design of the building, as it did not have any nearby reference points or positive urban information to draw on. This led to the design of a building whose unique exterior facade avoids replicating any of the lines of the nearby buildings. In fact, the building takes its shape from a new space, a precisely geometrical courtyard that occupies the centre of the building and around which the entire structure is organized.

▼项目一览,project overview


In essence, the whole complex revolves around this space; each structure progressively increasing in height, from three to five, seven or nine storeys, in line with the four sides of the rectangular courtyard. In short, the building disassociates itself from the exterior facades and generates its structure from its own centre, from this newly created space. The complex is accessed from the south, where, after passing through checkpoints and porches, visitors come upon the courtyard, an unexpected discovery. From the courtyard they can reach the various vertical circulation areas. The influence of this central space and its organizational importance extends even to the arrangement of the offices on the various floors; individual offices are grouped around the courtyard, while the external-facing areas, which have a more irregular geometry, are reserved for open-plan offices.

▼入口,the entrance

▼内部庭院,the inner courtyard

▼庭院四周的柱廊让底部的空间与室外相连,the colonnade connects the bottom of the building to the courtyard


After crossing the courtyard, visitors come to a complementary building that was developed in a second phase. This structure opens out towards the main building while being closed off to the back street. A contrast is therefore produced – the exterior facades of the second building mirror the interior facades – those that open onto the courtyard – of the first building. The facades of both buildings have been clad in zinc panels, and the complex as a whole is very monochromatic; a grey that clearly sets it apart from its neighboring buildings. To further distinguish this building from its suburban surroundings, a large clock has been positioned at the highest point of the complex.

▼主楼与副楼之间的空间,in-between the building complex and the complementary building

▼放置最高点的大钟,the big clock placed on the top point of the building complex

▼朝外的开放办公空间,the open plan working space

▼结构柱内置,使得立面玻璃呈条带状展开;the inner-placed columns allow for using ribbon windows

▼楼梯设计细节,details of the staircase

▼项目夜景,the project at night

▼体量研究,the mass study

▼设计草图,concept sketch

▼场地平面,the site plan

▼首层平面,the ground floor plan

▼三层平面,the second floor plan

▼顶层平面,the rooftop plan



地址:CalleJoaquínEguarás2. 18013西班牙格拉纳达

合作者:BlancaSánchez,DanielRodríguez,Elena de las Moras Hervella,Juan Carlos Mulero,MartaPelegrín,Miguel Velasco
摄影:Duccio Malagamba
结构工程:Tedeco Ingenieros
气候工程:JG Ingenieros

Client: Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Andalusian Government
Address: Calle Joaquín Eguarás 2. 18013 Granada, Spain
Typology: Offices
Status: Built, In progress

Collaborators: Blanca Sánchez, Daniel Rodríguez, Elena de las Moras Hervella, Juan Carlos Mulero, Marta Pelegrín, Miguel Velasco
Fotografía: Duccio Malagamba
Ingeniería de estructuras: Tedeco Ingenieros
Ingeniería de clima: JG Ingenieros
Survey: Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos
Control de Obra: Análisis de Edificación y Construcción
Constructoras: Inabensa, San José

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