Scavenger Studio, Puget Sound region, Washington, USA by Eerkes Architects

An exquisite art studio

Project Specs


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Scavenger Studio is a 693-square-foot studio designed for an artist/activist. The little structure is situated in the woods in rural Washington State, and was built using as much free-cycled material as possible. Scavenged materials—ranging from cabinetry to stair treads to plants—were salvaged from homes slated to be demolished. The kitchen and living area occupies the ground level of the double-height interior, while a sleeping loft is above. A panel next to the bed drops down, opening the room to its surroundings. The studio sits light on the land, resting on a simple, six-footed foundation, which also helped to limit construction costs. The facade is clad in T1-11 plywood, which was charred by the owner using a Japanese technique called shou sugi ban which preserves the wood and creates a darker tonal value that helps to blend the home into the surrounding forest. The exterior also includes a painted HardiePanel. Kitchen cabinets were saved from a house the contractor was demolishing. The floor is masonite, the ceilings are plywood, and the walls are drywall. Polycarbonate panels were used for clerestory windows.

▼项目一览,project overview

▼位于上层的阁楼卧室,将一个嵌板打开后室内与室外空间连接起来;the sleeping loft locates at the upper floor and opens up to its surroundings when dropping down the panel

▼工作室入口,the entrance of the studio

▼室内的双层高空间,the double-height space

▼二层的卧室,大面的玻璃使得室内外空间仿佛连接在一起;the sleeping loft with large windows allows the interior space extend to the exterior

▼一二层平面,the first and second floor plan


▼剖面,the section

项目团队:Eerkes Architects
建筑师:Les Eerkes
记录建筑师:Olson Kundig

Yousman Okano(职员建筑师)
Schuchart / Dow(承包商)
James Hardie(HardiePanel)
Viking (家电)
摄影:Benjamin Benschneider

Design by Les Eerkes of Eerkes Architects
Architect of Record:Olson Kundig

Yousman Okano (staff architect)
Schuchart/Dow (contractor)
GAF (roofing)
James Hardie (HardiePanel)
Viking (appliances)
Lexan (clerestory windows)
Photography: Benjamin Benschneider

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