KM Kindergarten and Nursery, Osaka, Japan by HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro

A kindergarten that makes children move

Project Specs


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We were requested for a complete revamp of a dilapidated kindergarten situated in south Osaka. Since a long time ago, this area flourished in the field of textiles. Recently, due to the easy availability of cheap labor abroad, industries moved, leading to a huge decline in the local business. The two aspects that were primarily targeted were dealing the issue of ‘lack of exercise’ due to the limited site and helping children learn about their living place.

▼幼儿园位于一个较小的场地中,周围包围着其他建筑;the kindergarten locates in a small site that surrounded by other buildings


To fix the first, we thought about creating an undulating environ which may trigger child movement naturally. Sticking to this notion, the roof is partly designed to gradually transform into the playground, making it seem ‘one’ with it and facilitating easy upward movement. Additionally, the same floor is connected to the playground by a staircase facilitating swift downward movement and hence completing the chase and run loop. Post occupation we were happy to know that this tremendously increased the physical activity of children.

▼屋顶一部分变成游戏场,the roof is partly designed to gradually transform into the playground

▼游戏场内部充满了绿植,让孩子们可以亲近自然;the playground is covered by greenery that help children to favor the nature

▼游戏场内的游戏装置,the entertainment object inside the playground

▼室内入口,the interior entrance

▼食堂是最重要的社交场所,the dinning hall is the most important social environment

▼食堂可朝向游戏场完全打开,the dinning hall can open up to the playground completely

▼游戏场与食堂无缝连接,the playground and the dinning are connected naturally

▼室内大面积的游戏房间,the large interior playrooms


To achieve the second, we used textiles to make several small elements like classroom signboards, carpet, covering portions of walls and also incorporating them in games. Direct interaction with them, would help develop an understanding on variety of fabrics right from their childhood.

▼用纺织材料做成的物件成为孩子们的玩具,objects that made by textiles become children’s toys

▼厕所,the restroom

▼场地平面,the site plan

▼各层平面,floor plans

▼立面,the elevations

▼剖面,the sections

公司:HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro
照片:Studio Bauhaus,Ryuji Inoue 

Project Name:KM Kindergarten and Nursery
Location:Osaka, Japan
Firm:HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro(
Photo:Studio Bauhaus, Ryuji Inoue=
Site area 4230㎡
Building area 799㎡
Surface area 1244㎡

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