Library and Theatre in Isbergues by Dominique Coulon & associés

The intermediary between the town and nature

Project Specs


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The site offers an interface between the town and an inter-municipal park. The project extrapolates this situation in terms of volume, positioning on the plot of land, and internal organisation.

▼从城际花园看建筑远景,distant exterior view of the building from the inter-municipal park © David Romero-Uzeda


▼建筑外观造型:不锈钢表皮下的实体体量(左),体块爆炸图(右),uniform outer shell: crystallized solid (left), interlocking volumes (right)

The project creates a broad courtyard in front of the park on one side and an alignment with the town on the other. Its volumes slide over each other; they are covered with a locally produced stainless steel skin, in three different finishes – satin, mirror and matte – creating a kinetic effect reflecting the sunlight. This covering allows the building by turns to disappear into the grey of the sky and to reflect light intensely.

▼从城际花园看建筑近景,体量被包裹在当地生产的不锈钢表皮之下,close exterior view of the building from the inter-municipal park, the volumes are covered with a locally produced stainless steel skin © David Romero-Uzeda


The eye is drawn by the apparent complexity of the chaos, while broad transparent areas serve as catalysts directing visitors towards the entrances to the building.

▼从小镇看建筑,入口通透,缎面、镜面和哑光等三种不同质感的表皮在阳光下营造出一种极具动感的视觉效果,viewing the building with transparent entrance areas from the town, volumes in three different finishes – satin, mirror and matte – creating a kinetic effect reflecting the sunlight © David Romero-Uzeda


▼公园与小镇之间轴线贯穿建筑,形成内街(左),功能分区(右),one axis between the park and the town crosses the project, forming an interior street (left), program organization (right)

The internal organisation of the building is clear. One axis between the park and the town crosses the project, thereby offering two entrances. The entire programme is grafted onto this axis, with the theatre on one side and the media library on the other. This axis serves as a federating interface. A dynamic arrangement of volumes and contrasting lights guide the visitor from this area towards either the media library or the theatre.

▼位于轴线一侧的剧院,the theatre on the one side of the axis © Guillaume Wittmann

▼位于轴线一侧的剧院,设有阶梯状的小空间,the theatre on the one side of the axis with a stepped seating area © David Romero-Uzeda


▼图书馆空间,以黄色和白色为空间色调,the library in the yellow and white tones © David Romero-Uzeda

▼图书馆空间,the library space © David Romero-Uzeda

▼图书馆空间,局部采用高侧窗采光,the library space with the high side windows for natural light © David Romero-Uzeda

The interior spaces are rich and varied. The theatre walls are in bush-hammered concrete, which improves the acoustic. The different areas in the media library have been designed with ergonomics in mind, and a number of different reading postures are proposed, using a platform with a richly varied profile. The storytelling area is formed by continuous folds which envelop the children in a confined space.

▼图书馆局部,设有形式各异的座椅,partial interior view of the library with various seatings © David Romero-Uzeda

▼图书馆中的故事区,由连续的褶皱限定出来,the storytelling area that is formed by continuous folds © David Romero-Uzeda


▼景观面,visual framing

All along the proposed promenades, folding creates frames for a series of views out over the contrasting landscapes. This new arrangement is designed as an intermediary between the town and nature.

▼室内观景平台,透过大型的落地窗可以欣赏到自然的景色,the interior rest area, enjoying the landscapes through the large floor-to-ceiling windows © David Romero-Uzeda

▼图书馆空间细节,明亮的黄色与混凝土相得益彰,details of the library, the bright yellow complements the concrete © Guillaume Wittmann

▼图书馆空间细节,二层入口区,details of the library, the entrance area of the first floor © Guillaume Wittmann (up),  © David Romero-Uzeda (down)

▼黄昏下的图书馆和剧院,the library and theatre at dusk © David Romero-Uzeda

▼图书馆和剧院夜景,night view of the library and theatre © David Romero-Uzeda

▼总平面图,site plan

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,first floor plan

▼剖面图1,section 1

▼剖面图2,section 2

Client : Ville d’Isbergues
Design Team : Dominique Coulon et associés
Architects : Dominique Coulon, Steve Letho Duclos
Assistant architects : Gautier Duthoit, Olivier Nicollas
Construction site supervision : Agence Olivier Werner
Engineers and consultants :
Structural Engineer : Batiserf Ingénierie
Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Engineer : BET G. Jost
Cost Estimator : E3 Économie
Sustainable approach advisor : BET G. Jost
Acoustics : Euro Sound Project
Scenographer : Changement à vue
Program : 400-seats Theatre / Rehearsal room / Library
Address : Rue Léon Blum 62330 ISBERGUES, France
Google maps location : N 50 36.807, E 2 28.222
Area : 3928 sq.m.
Costs : 6 200 000 € excluding taxes
Schedule :
Competition : March 2010
Schematic design : from July 2010 to may 2011
Construction work : from october 2011 to september 2013
Completion date : september 2013
Construction companies :
VATP (earthworks roadworks landscaping), NORLIT ENTREPRISES (structure), DETAM (steel roofing structure), ERTCM (carpenter), ALU ARTOIS (exterior joinery), MEVITAL (metalworks), MENUISERIE ALEXANDRE (interior wood works), MODULE (plastering), FLOORCOLOR (resin floors), CARRELAGE REVETEMENT CALAISIS (tiled floors), BARDAILLE (glued floors), SAS NORD PEINT (painting), KONE ASCENCEURS (elevators), D.DELPORTE (electricity), ETS BONNEL (plombing), AXIMA SEITHA (heating and ventilation), CAIRE SAS (scenic metal works), CSE TECHNOLOGY (scenic pre-wiring), TECHNOLOGISTIQUE (theatre seatings)
Photographers : Guillaume Wittmann, David Romero-Uzeda

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