The new Amsterdam office of Dutch investment manager/developer Amvest by Firm architects

Custom-made workplaces with capturing views

Project Specs


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Investment manager/developer Amvest had a new goal with its new office, to become a best practice of its own development qualities. Showcasing the epitome of how a good office, embedded in a good environment, has to relate to its users. To reinforce that image, Amvest started pioneering in its own backyard, a former industrial zone turned into a residential area.

▼项目外观,exterior view


▼精心营造的室内空间,a well-designed workspace

In this time where work and private life are increasingly intertwined, an office is more than a place of desks and chairs. More than ever, the influence of the working environment begins to emerge. We are aware that a well-designed environment leads to higher productivity, lower absenteeism and, more importantly, a higher degree of connection with the identity of a company. These insights stood at the basis of the interior design; an environment that exudes both the identity of Amvest and at the same time embodies the best possible working environment.

▼从室内看湖区,view from indoor to the lake

在该项目中,所有设备家具均为专门设计和定制,既匹配了由Rietveld Architects精心设计的优雅外观,又适用于Firm Architects量身打造的室内环境。使用者从进入该建筑物开始,经由20㎡的电梯空间,到步入一套配备家具、植物和艺术品且兼具会议功能的房间。时空在两个楼层之间缓慢流动,风景亦随之交织变换,借以鼓励员工多多使用中央楼梯。

▼一套配备家具、植物和艺术品且兼具会议功能的房间,doubling as a meeting room complete with furniture, plants and art

This project is anything but standard; everything is specifically designed and tailor-made. This applies both to the beautifully designed exterior by Rietveld Architects as to the well-crafted interior by Firm architects. It starts when entering the building, stepping into a 20m2 elevator, doubling as a meeting room complete with furniture, plants and art. It travels slowly between levels, affording visitors capturing views. An important effect of this choice is it encourages the use of the central staircase for the employees.

▼中央楼梯, central staircase

▼风景交织变幻,capturing views


▼可再生橡木人字形地板,recycled oak herringbone flooring

▼状如水泥地板的有机环保织物地毯,the sustainably produced carpet looks like a fabric version of a concrete floor

Keywords for the design are sustainability, flexibility and innovation. These form the basis for everything from floor to ceiling. For example, the sustainably produced carpet looks like a fabric version of a concrete floor, referring to the old concrete factory that stood on site. The informal areas have recycled oak herringbone flooring uniquely developed for Amvest. It has a magnetic layer, ruling out the glue and therefore enabling reuse in the future. The specially developed ceiling panels serve as cooling and heating and provide acoustic enhancement. A healthy environment is also stimulated through the use of many plants, and a roof garden with WiFi access and different areas to boost working outdoors.

▼定制的灯具及家具,custom-designed lamps and furnitures

▼户外植物区,outdoor plants area


▼定制的工作桌椅位于同一楼层,custom-made workplaces

▼明亮的双层落地窗,double-height windows to allow an optimum of natural daylight

The plan is open, light and encourages interaction. The custom-made workplaces are height adjustable and all situated on the same floor to stimulate interaction. Set up along the double-height windows to allow an optimum of natural daylight, ensuring a minimum of additional lighting needed. In the less lit and therefore more intimate middle areas, there are different uses to accommodate the various activities of work. On the top floor, special benches and tables are integrated into the ceiling and offer instant seating capacity on the push of a button. This flexibility is also found in the upholstered mobile wardrobes, serving as acoustic screens. This high level of customisation is leading in the design and is used as a decisive, stimulating and moving part of the interior.

▼固定在地板上的特殊长凳,special benches and tables are integrated into the ceiling

▼软布移动衣柜,upholstered mobile wardrobes



▼楼层平面,floor plans

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