Le Voisin Restaurant by Atelier Filz

A place to spend time with your neighbors.

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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Le Voisin Restaurant植根当地特色新鲜美食,因此,全新的餐厅设计需契合这一特色。用餐环境在设计师的打造下,以柔和的自然光,和自由律动的空间流线,展开了与美食的对话。餐厅拥有45个坐席,它们或围绕在长桌边,或散布在吧台旁,各自围合出舒适的用餐环境。餐厅以石板,手工陶艺和淡棕色调装饰。空间整体回应了当地风格,并采用地方性建造手法。此外,设计师还参与了餐厅座椅及桌子的设计,与当地艺术家一起,打造了一处适宜邻里小聚的欢乐餐厅。

Driven by their passion for local, festive and refreshing food, the Le Voisin Restaurant’s team knew they needed a space that reflected this vision. The concept was based on the idea of a dialogue, as much with the culinary universe of the chef as with the space, already enriched by a soft natural light and an inspiring irregular frame. The space of forty-five seats has been designed in lightness and flexibility through different areas, such as the communal table, the banquette space and the bar, all witnessing the friendliness of a place dressed by slate, hand crafted ceramics and maple. The local flavor of the project, reinforced by an approach rooted in regional know-how, defines the materiality of the space. Our team has taken care of the chairs, tables and lighting’s design, together with the city’s artisans, to create the story of a place where it’s good to spend time with your neighbors.

▼柔和舒适的室内氛围,the intimate interior atmosphere


▼还原本土风格,recalls for the local aesthetics

▼各种形式的用餐坐席,different kinds of seats

▼定制的桌椅家具,the custom furniture

▼座椅细部,detail of the chair


▼地面铺装细节,detail of the pavement

▼灯具细节,detail of the light




Where : Québec city, St-Roch neighbourhood
Opening date: August 15th 2017
Surface : ~85m2 / ~915ft2
Furniture design: Atelier Filz
Lighting : Atelier Filz
Woodworkers : Ébénisterie Niché (mobiliers) and Mobili (caissons et comptoir)
Ceramics : Carole Vandecasteele Céramiste
Photo credits: Sam St-Onge

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