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Le Grand Cafés是布鲁塞尔一家历史悠久的咖啡馆,建于1876年,多年来举办了无数场变装秀。WeWantMore事务所通过运用巨大的奢华变装女王肖像以及富有装饰艺术灵感的视觉空间,展示出咖啡馆曾作为变装秀场的历史。墙面上的变装女王肖像浮雕由不同材料制成的几何图形组合而成,不仅使墙壁成为空间中的亮点,同时与品牌的装饰艺术标识在风格上保持一致。肖像图案与品牌视觉标识均由WeWantMore事务所设计。

WeWantMore highlights drag heritage of Brussels cafe with giant extravagant drag queen portraits and art deco inspired visual identity. Le Grand Café is a Brussels based café with quite the history. Built in 1876, it hosted numerous of drag shows over the years. Wanting to highlight that exuberant legacy, WeWantMore designed extravagant drag queen portraits to feature the walls of the space. Made up out of geometrical shapes in different materials, the wall installations match the art deco inspired visual identity which was also created by the Antwerp based design studio.

overall of the Cafe interior © BILD studio

咖啡馆所在的建筑建于19世纪,由Emile Janlet设计。折衷主义风格的建筑外观加之作为变装秀场的历史,使这里充满了奢靡放纵的气息。但是从另一个角度来讲,咖啡馆独特而丰富的历史背景,鼓励了设计师以艺术的角度来探索变装文化。在WeWantMore的设计师眼中,变装文化中的技巧、变装女王们的情感投入、对自我的表达以及最终展现出来的戏剧效果都是极为迷人的。

Le Grand Café is situated in a 19-century building designed by Emile Janlet. The café didn’t only look eclectic on the outside, the soul of the place was extravagant too thanks to the infamous drag queen shows that were held there. The café’s rich drag heritage encouraged WeWantMore to explore the art of drag. The craft and devotion that go into it, the ability to express yourself and the theatricality of it all is fascinating.

▼楼梯背景墙上的变装女王肖像,portrait of a drag queen in the background of the staircase © BILD studio

▼座位区墙壁上的肖像,portrait on the wall of the seating area © BILD studio


Although performing in drag is about more than putting on some make-up, it does illustrate the true artistry of a queen. An element WeWantMore tapped into to create the drag queen portraits. The contours, highlights, brows and lips were traced back to their most abstract forms. No real make-up for these queens though, they are made up out of different marbles, brushed brass, plexiglass, velour, leather and punctured metal.

▼女王的轮廓、高光、眉毛和嘴唇被还原到最抽象的形式,contours, highlights, brows and lips were traced back to their most abstract forms © BILD studio

▼不同的形状与色块都由不同的材料制成,different shapes and color blocks are made of different materials © BILD studio

▼材料细部,details of the material © BILD studio

此外,设计师还在咖啡馆的品牌视觉标识中运用了与肖像相同的元素。特点鲜明的几何形状,富有装饰艺术风格的色调重新出现在菜单、杯垫和文具的设计中。带有变装秀风格气息的咖啡馆logo彰显出当地社区的包容性。不同的元素汇集在一起,形成一个统一而和谐的整体,使Le Grand Café成为布鲁塞尔独一无二的咖啡馆。

The geometrical shapes and art deco colours of the drag queen portraits return in the visual identity. They resurface in the design of the menu, the coasters and the stationery. The logo reflects the inclusive nature of the drag community. It’s based on different elements coming together to form a larger entity.

▼杯垫&设计师名牌,coasters and designer’s card © BILD studio

▼logo & 菜单,logo & menu © BILD studio

▼视频,video © WeWantMore

Project name:Le Grand Café
Duration:July 2019 – July 2020
Total area:140 m2
Photographer:BILD studio
The Perfectionist:Shoottheartist、Bjorn Tagemose
Manufacturer:Studio Wic
Wood veneer:Decospan – oak heavily smoked 4.02, Quercus, oak rift 3.24, Quercus
Kobe – arezzo, colour 1, casale, colour 40
Kvadrat – harald 3, colour 192
Mario Sirtori – lario, colour 1405
JAB – cord, colour 1-3126-099
Gabriel – fame hybrid, colour 2001, chili, colour 65111, noma, colour 64219, noma, colour 67102, chess royal, colour 1436, gaja C2C, colour 61111
Leather Natural stone:
Verotex – royal 199, colour 378, royal 199, colour 121
Textured glass:
Beltrami – rosso levanto, BTL nero ebano, mount grey with honed finish
Coloured glass:
Vanceva – cool white, A, red, 024C, smoke grey, 3
Pyrasied – versato myst, colour: warm smoke 26906
Plexiglas – ice green 6C03 DC, satanice, ice blue 5H03 DC, satanice, viento 7H09 DC, satanice

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