Landscape Design of Anlan Hotel of Aranya, China by DDON

A beauty of natural, movement and tranquility

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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取意海若安澜 | Take the meaning of Anlan


The earliest word of Anlan is from “Wenxuan • Wang Bao <Sons and ethics>”: “The world is peaceful and stable. Everyone has the virtue that can be knighted”. The word of “Anlan” means the calm water and peace. In order to make the hotel of Anlan full of dynamic and peace, and tranquil ambience of the plants, it is designed to keep the native robinia forest and pennisetum, and integrate people’s activities with the environment.

▼酒店主入口,main entrance

▼前场鸟瞰图,aerial view of the forecourt

▼后场景观,backyard landcape


逆向思维 | Reverse Thinking


Due to the environment, craftwork, cost and other objective constraints, the design boldly takes some reverse thinking: children playground in front, plain texture, and concrete water feature and pool.


儿童场地前置 | Children playground in front


The traditional hotel forecourt is normally either axial landscape or quiet resort landscape. As part of the large Aranya community, Anlan hotel is located in the center, therefore it is not as isolated as ordinary hotel. The design of children playground in front of the hotel’s forecourt makes up for the shortage of children’s playgrounds in the entire scenic area and provides the hotel with a starting point for creating distinctive features that make the hotel’s entrance area more enjoyable and interactive. Putting children playground in front of hotel is creative landscape design which makes the hotel forecourt space much more dynamic.

▼前置于酒店的儿童场地成为了酒店独特的切入点,the children playground in front of the hotel became a characteristic starting point of the hotel


素色的肌理 | Plain texture


Children playground with concrete of plain colors and sky blue as the main colors breaks through the inertial thinking of color stacking in children’s space design in the past and attempts to restore children’s exploration and perception of the world with the most simple design concept and personalized children’s activity space. Taking into account the characteristics of children such as the active nature and delicate skin, imitation concrete soft plastic material texture is perfect for this design. Around Children’s Castle in the center of the site, there is a China’s longest running trampoline of 80m long for outdoor children, where children can jump, run, glide and enjoy the fun and joy of getting out of the gravity of nature.

▼以混凝土素色和天蓝色为主要基调的儿童活动场地,the children playground with concrete of plain colors and sky blue as the main color

▼混凝土墙与塑胶跑道交织在一起,the plastic runway extends between concrete parapet walls

▼场地中央建有一条80m长的蹦床跑道,an 80-meter running trampoline is installed in the centre of the playground

▼奔跑在蹦床上的孩子,a girl playing on the running trampoline


混凝土水景和泳池 | Concrete water feature and pool


Traditional curved waterscape not only has strict requirements for stone processing and collage process, and cost a lot, but with concrete, all these difficulties will be solved. Anlan Hotel forecourt concrete water feature is curve and extend 25m long, make the space look much bigger than original. Water cascades into the curved pool and help hide children’s activity area. The bottom of the concrete pool is inlaid with a combination of brass leaves that weaken the concrete’s cold, monotonous texture with natural design elements. Brass leave surfaces shine at the bottom of the water feature, add more interesting details to the space.

▼层层水波汇入弧形的混凝土水池,water cascades into the curved concrete pool in forecourt

▼前庭的水景横向拉伸了酒店大门空间, the waterscape in the forecourt visually extends the space of the entrance area

▼混凝土池底镶嵌着黄铜叶片,brass leaves are inlaid at the bottom of the concrete pool

▼镂空雕塑,the sculptures


Integrated concrete pool area of the hotel backyard includes: children tread pool, adult pool, bar, outdoor shower room and toilet. Children step on the pond from shallow to deep, the transparent glass at the deepest part and in-ground fountain are designed to stimulate the children’s curiosity.

▼位于后场的儿童踩水池,the children’s tread pool in the backyard

▼成人泳池和售卖亭,the adults’ pool with a pavilion


简洁的形式和质朴的材质 | Concise form and plain material


The basic form of landscape design in the hotel is based on the overall hexagonal shape of the hotel building. Various landscape elements draw on and extend from hexagons, transforming them into many possibilities and linking them to architecture and nature with stable functional graphics. The design language of extensive use of concrete material, supplemented by the evolution of the multilateral shape, creates simple but shocking visual effects for Anlan hotel.

▼景观设计以酒店建筑正六边形的构型为基础,the basic form of landscape design is based on the overall hexagonal shape of the hotel building

▼槐树林中的平木台,the wooden deck in the forest

▼前场休闲步道夜景,night view of pedestrian walkway

▼就餐平台夜景,night view of the dining terrace

▼休闲步道夜景,the night view of the pavement


▼设计概念图,design concept


▼主水景平面及剖面图,plan and section of the waterscape

Landscape Design Firm: DDON
Chief Designer: Liangjun ZHOU
Design Team: Yilin LI, Qinglan CHEN, Yumeng FU, Peijie WANG, Seng TUO, Jiali LIU, Dong LEI, Liangxi LI, Xiaoxiao FENG, Xi CHEN, Yaping WU, Zhenyan LI
Photo Credit: Liangjun ZHOU, Golfimpress
Client: ARANYA
Architect: Verse Design
Location: Beidaihe
Area: 4ha

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