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来自 Andersen’s 对gooood的分享。 Appreciation towards Andersen’s for providing the following description:


Landon Metz带来了他在该艺廊的第二次个展“转角的酒窖里卖1美元两个乌梅,1美元两个仙人掌果,1美元两个橘子”。此前他已在意大利,美国等多个地方举办过该展览。艺术家目前居住并生活在纽约布鲁克林。

Landon Metz的创作灵感来自于直观的生活感受。他试图用这种静态的方式来描述一种动态的生活状态。因此,这些展出的画作并非是某些真实的生活场景,而是对生活点滴的记录。这些作品看起来极为相似,事实上它们都有相同的构图,却在后期上色过程,或者不同环境条件作用下而展现出略微的变化。选择恰当的作品展示方式和角度,对于作品的表达以及观察者对作品的理解至关重要。因为从不同的角度欣赏,你都可能会获得不同的体会。Landon Metz试图通过对展览时间,韵律和空间的把控来达到最好的作品展示效果。



Andersen’s is pleased to present At the bodega on the corner they have black plums 2 for $1 and cactus pears 2 for $1 and tangerines 2 for $1 a solo exhibition by the American artist Landon Metz, marking the artist’s second exhibition at the gallery. Landon Metz (b. 1985) has had recent solo exhibitions at Galleria Massimon Minini, Brescia, Italy, Galleria Francesca Minini, Italy, Retrospective Gallery, New York as well as James Fuentes Gallery, New York. Metz lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

The inspirations of these creations are from the direct reaction of the life experience. Landon Metz tries to use these static creations to express the dynamic living conditions. Thus, the images are not some real scene of life, instead, they are the living document of the daily. One may found the images are all the same. They are exactly created in the same construction system, while they showed their uniqueness in the later processes of the creation. It is important to find the right way and the right angle to show these creations, which through the exhibition the viewers will have different understanding of the works. Landon Metz works carefully on the time, rhythm and space to make the show in its best way.










Chinese & English text: gooood

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