L Apartment in Shanghai, China by Atelier D+Y

The LDK space in the wooden frame

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards Atelier D+Y (contact: dh.guo@qq.com) for providing the following description:


As the owner of this 70m2 apartment is a newly-married couple who are very fond of cooking, the concept of an open living dining kitchen was thus adopted to create a “private kitchen” for the couple exclusively.

▼室内空间概览,the overview ©ENVANER

一片玻璃隔断将玄关限定出来,客厅、餐厅、玄关相互渗透。餐厨与客厅、玄关混合形成的L形空间,容纳二人世界的烹饪、就餐、游戏 、会客等多样化活动。空间中的一片木质吊顶结合书架洞墙串联空间,形成框景画面。

▼室内空间形成概念及过程,the design concept and process

The vestibule is separated by a glass partition. The living room, dining room and vestibule are mutually connected. In the L-type space formed by the integration of kitchen, living room and vestibule, the couple can do many things such as cooking, playing games, having dinner or receiving guests, etc.. A wooden ceiling in the space further combines the bookshelf and the wall to connect the whole space, forming an effect of enframed scenery.

▼客厅、餐厅、厨房和玄关,the living room, the dining ©ENVANER


In the open LDK space, the wooden ceiling and bookshelf are integrated together. With the alternating “solid” and “hollow” bookshelf arrangement, the cabinet doors opens along “hollow part” with a worktable embedded in between.

▼客厅书柜,木质吊顶与书柜组合一体,虚实间错布置,the bookshelf, the wooden ceiling and bookshelf are integrated together with the alternating “solid” and “hollow” arrangement


The dining room was moved into the living-room area for more natural light.

▼客厅与餐厅,the living room and the dining room ©ENVANER

▼景框中的餐厅,the dining room in the frame ©ENVANER


The balcony is a washing area where the utensils are properly covered by bamboo curtains and white cobblestones are adopted surrounding the anti-corrosion floor, thus making the area not only to fulfill the basic demands for washing, drying and water permeation while preserving vivid light and shadow under the curtain.

▼阳台,使用竹帘和白色鹅卵石,the balcony with the bamboo curtains and the white cobblestones ©ENVANER


The wall of original kitchen was removed to solve the problem of dim and closed feeling in the deep kitchen area, and an open kitchen with a bar was built for indirect daylighting.

▼开放式的厨房与吧台,the open kitchen and bar ©ENVANER

▼木质景框中的厨房,the kitchen in the wooden frame ©ENVANER

▼厨房吧台与玄关, the var face to the vestibule ©ENVANER

▼厨房细节,kitchen details ©Guo Donghai

▼吧台与收纳墙,the bar with the hanging wall

▼玄关隔断细部, details of the vestibule with glass partition ©ENVANER


The pure white wall of the main bedroom is decorated with log furniture and partially embellished with golden lamps.

▼主卧,白墙搭配原木家具,the main bedroom with the pure white wall and the log furniture ©ENVANER


The square shape is the motif of the secondary bedroom. For the wardrobe sliding door, the air outlet and the bookshelf, the square shape of different sizes are combined together to create a quiet rest space.

▼次卧,使用方格元素,the secondary bedroom with the square shape element ©ENVANER


The white steel window and the corrugated glass are applied to distinguish the dry and wet areas of the bathroom, in which, the two log boards in the dry area constitute the tabletop and the storage space.

▼卫生间,使用白色钢窗和水波纹玻璃进行干湿分离,the bathroom, using the white steel window and the corrugated glass to distinguish the dry and wet areas  ©ENVANER (left), ©Guo Donghai (right)

▼俯视透视图,the aerial view

▼平面布置图,the layout plan

▼手绘剖面图,the section sketch

项目设计 & 完成年份:2018年

Project name: L Apartment
Design: Atelier D+Y
Design year & Completion Year: 2018
Leader designer & Team: Guo Donghai, Yan Linglin
Project location: Minjing Road, Yangpu, Shanghai
Gross Built Area (square meters): 70m2
Photo credits: Envaner,Atelier D+Y
Brands / Products used in the projrct: Shengda-Pine Board, Ikea-Cabinet, Power Dekor-Laminate wood flooring

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