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Make health from playing

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A rebuild kindergarten project in Matsuyama, Ehime. Recently cars are daily necessities in provincial city and it gets more common children go to kindergarten by bus or car. So they have less chances to take exercises in daily life. An increasing number of children play with video games inside so that they also have less chances to find plays in variegated nature environment by themselves. In these situations, KO Kindergarten is rebuilt with the concept “Make Health from Playing”.

▼幼儿园外观,exterior view of the kindergarten


By shifting each rooms such as staff’s office and nursery rooms horizontally and vertically to create free spaces, 14 kinds of unique play spaces are made which look like street, a local scenery for children to play in the past. Kazuhiko Nakamura, a professor of education at Yamanashi University, said in the childhood children should learn 36 body motions such as “run”, “jump”, “pile”, “hold” and so on. All of these 36 motions can be leant in these 14 play spaces inside.

▼幼儿园入口,两侧墙壁开有不同几何造型的门洞,the interior view of the entrance with the openings in different geometries on the side walls

▼一层中心位置的大型开放式游戏室,the large open playroom at the center of the first floor

▼中央游戏室内设有儿童攀爬云梯和滑梯,the climbing frame and the children’s slide in the central playroom

▼孩子们在游戏室内跑跳,children are running and jumping in the play space

▼孩子们在游戏室内玩耍,children are playing in the play space


According to the comparative study of the children’s movement in the former and the new kindergarten, the number of steps increased by 20% at the average for 3-5 children. Furthermore, “throw”, “go through”, “creep” and “ride” which can’t be seen in the former building can be seen in the new. In the flat playground, the motions were limited but in new playground there are two small hills with natural grass. There children rnjoy rolling over and climbing up. In addition, many bugs and flowers are coming so that children create new plays by themselves.

▼幼儿园中设有攀爬网和攀岩设施,the climbing net and the rock-climbing facilities in the kindergarten

▼孩子们抓着爬杆向下滑,children slide down by holding the jungle gym

▼幼儿园游戏室,孩子们顺着爬杆向上爬(左),孩子们沿着梯子向上爬(右),the play spaces in the kindergarten, children climb up along the jungle gym (left), children climb up along the ladder (right)

▼幼儿园内的攀爬网设施,the climbing net facility in the kindergarten


In these ways, by making play spaces to make children take exercises, not only the quantity of exercise and the physical strength are improved just through playing, but also these environments encourage them to create plays and stimulate many kinds of interests.

▼一层平面图,1F plan

▼二层平面图,2F plan

▼三层平面图,3F plan

▼立面图(左),剖面图(右),elevations (left), sections (right)

项目名:KO Kindergarten
竣工:2019 年 4月
照片:Ryuji Inoue (studio BAUHAUS)

Project: KO Kindergarten
Location: Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan
Design / Surpervision: HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro + KIDS DESIGN LABO
Site area: 5001.42㎡
Building area: 2220.36㎡
Total floor area: 2710.00㎡
Structure/Story: Steel、2 stories
Completion: 2019.04
Photo: Ryuji Inoue (studio BAUHAUS)

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