Ferreries Cultural Centre
 by Arquitecturia

The new life of the old market

Project Specs


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位于西班牙Ferreries的一个旧集市在废弃多年之后,被重新打造成该街区的文化中心。集市旧有的主楼被保留下来,并在其基础上扩建了一个连接既有建筑和Joan Monclús广场的全新过渡地带。此外,可以重新定义整个公共空间的立面已经制作完成,旧楼也通过一扇全新的大门沟通内外。


The old local market of Ferreries, after falling into desuse for several years, has been restored and extended to become the new Cultural Center of this neighborhood. The main old nave of Ferreries market it’s preserved and through its extension a new transition space is generated in order to enable the connection between the existing building and Joan Monclús square; furthermore, the elevation that defines this public space is completed.The old nave gets involved to the public space intertwining its interior to the exterior through a new access


Joan Monclús广场的相关人员帮助解决了既有建筑入口坡度的问题,同时还给予了文化中心一些开展相关活动的可行建议。

The Joan Monclús’ Square intervention solves the access to the existing building in terms of slope, at the same time gives the option to carry out openair activities related to the Cultural Center.

▼从广场向文化中心看去,view to the culture centre from Joan Monclús square

▼新体量的侧面与广场相连,the sides of the new volume are connected to the square


An important relation it’s established between the market and its extension, understanding the lines of horizontal composition -cornice and skirting board-, opposing the height of the new facade, contrasting the white interior of the nave, of blended and homogeneous light, of acoustics muffled by wood strips; to a new dark facade, of accentuated shadows by the grooved texture of the material. A dialogue between an introverted space and a public space opened to the whole community of Ferreries’ Neighborhood.

▼改造后的旧楼内部,the interior of the existing building after renovation

▼黑白相间的平行木条给室内空间带来极强的未来感,the parallel wooden strip of black and white alternate with brings extremely strong future feeling to interior space




Project : Ferreries Cultural Centre

State: Completed, septembre 2010

Location: Joan Monclús Square, Tortosa. Catalunya, Spain

Authors: [ARQUITECTURIA] Josep Camps Povill + Olga Felip Ordis
Collaborators: Mariel·la Agudo | Aitor Horta | Jaume Farrés | Irene Solà
Photographer: Estudio Pedro Pegenaute
Engineer: Prointec

Client: Tortosa Main Hall | GUMTSA
Constructor: Grup TAUICESA

More: Arquitecturia 更多关于他们:Arquitecturia on gooood

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