DECANTEI Tavern by Pedevilla Architects

A convivial tavern atmosphere in the historical space

Project Specs


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▼酒馆的内庭院,the inner courtyard of the tavern © Gustav Willeit

▼酒馆花园局部,有色玻璃窗向人们倾诉着酒馆的历史根源,partial view of the sunny garden of the tavern, the structured tinted glass for the windows refers to the property’s historic roots © Gustav Willeit

The new tavern is located in the old town of Brixen near the main cathedral. The building dates back to the 13th century. Among other uses over the centuries, it had been the official residence of the cathedral’s dean. Several historical rooms now offer contiguous spaces for up to a hundred guests. An inner courtyard and a sunny garden complete the restaurant.

▼酒馆临街主入口(左),内庭院通往室内空间的大门(右),the main entrance beside the street (left), the door leading to the interior space of the tavern from the inner courtyard (right) © Gustav Willeit


▼酒馆的餐厅空间,深色的灰泥表面和当地的落叶松木材营造出一种既熟悉又欢乐的小酒馆氛围,the restaurant of the tavern, dark plaster surfaces and local larch wood create a familiar and convivial tavern atmosphere © Gustav Willeit

▼酒馆的餐厅空间,局部天花板呈现出肋拱造型,the restaurant of the tavern with some ceiling presenting a form of ribbed arch © Gustav Willeit

▼酒馆内黄铜灯具细节,lighting details with the use of brass © Gustav Willeit

Dark plaster surfaces and local larch wood create a familiar and convivial tavern atmosphere. The surrounding wall panelling summarises the different layers of time. Structured tinted glass for the windows and the use of brass for doors and lights refer to the property’s historic roots in the cathedral quarter. The perfect geometric element of the circle is a recurring theme throughout the building.

▼酒馆主入口大门细节,使用黄铜元素,details of the main entrance door of the tavern with the use of brass © Gustav Willeit

▼室内空间细节,圆形元素反复出现,details of the interior space with a recurring theme of the circle © Gustav Willeit

▼总平面图,the site plan

▼平面图,floor plan

client: Die Dechantei GmbH
location: Brixen/Südtirol
total area: 800 m²
project and realisation: 2018-2019
photo credits: Gustav Willeit

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