Liliseed International Learning Academy, China by Hangzhou Ju He Architecture Design Firm

A series of caves

Project Specs


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▼剖面图, sectional view

The space design of this project introduces the concept of cave. The cave is a kind of space with wrapping, mystery and game. It is variablity and playable, just in line with children’s curiosity, fun and active nature.Explore the cave as the main line, and add the children‘s play behavior like drilling, sliding, hiding, climbing and other play behavior in the natural environment , through simulation and induction to form a multi-dimensional space prototype.The caves connect these small spaces together, creating a rich and interesting space for activities, like the treasure map in the picture book, full of the charm of exploration. An orderly and rational distribution of various functional spaces and organizational streamlines.The activitity space of children and adults are distinct and do not disturb each other. Abandon the extra decorative elements, use a lot of wood color and white space, and strive to be natural, pure and simple. Everything is only for the children’s imagination and creativity.

▼轴侧图,axis side view

入口区——闪烁着点点星光的洞穴将孩子们引入这个奇妙新世界。滑梯、海洋球池、私密小屋——滑梯与球池的组合,让小朋友们运动嬉戏的同时也产生互动。而滑梯后方的神秘小屋则给了孩子们一个安静独处的小世界。沿着球池旁的楼梯拾阶而上, 一侧是蜿蜒而上的金属滑梯与悬空的白色编织攀爬网。

The entrance area – a cave with a little starlight to bring the children into this wonderful new world. Slides, marine ball pools, private cottages – the combination of slides and ball pools, allow children to interact while playing.The mysterious hut behind the slide gives the children a small, quiet world. Step up the stairs along the ball pool, one side is a metal slide and a white woven climbing net.

▼入口区,the entrance area

▼蜿蜒而上的金属滑梯与悬空的白色编织攀爬网,a metal slide and a white woven climbing net.

▼楼梯以及白色编织攀爬网,staircase and a white woven climbing net


The caves connect together the activity spaces. These holes form distinctive curved windows and doors in the appearance, and the semi-circular doors and windows are constructed with a variety of rich spatial feelings. The white climbing nets are encircled to creat a reading world. Hole walls, blackboard walls and baking areas – children can also create and express themselves at any time while perceiving beauty and knowledge.

▼洞穴连接的活动空间,caves connect together the activity spaces

▼洞洞墙与黑板墙,hole walls, blackboard walls

▼活动走廊,activities corridor

▼白色攀爬网围合而成的一方阅读小天地,the white climbing nets are encircled to creat a reading world


Rich and diverse indoor activity areas, kids can freely explore and discover, and independently choose and try your favorite things! Children can make full use of their creativity and hands-on ability! A scene of classrooms – large areas of white space and the use of glass, make the space clean and transparent, abandon the extra decorative elements, retain the simplest pure, soft and warm background, just to make the children’s creativity to be the most beautiful decoration and dazzling protagonist. The bathroom – a warm and reasonable layout that makes children fall in love with the bathroom!



▼流线图,circulation diagram

▼一层二层平面图,1F & 2F plan

设计公司: 杭州巨合建筑设计事务所
主要材料: 木饰面、水磨石、艺术漆
联系电话:15958114163 18758295765

Project Name: Liliseed International Learning Academy
Project location: Hangzhou, China
Gross Built Area: 600m²
Design company : Hangzhou Ju He architecture design firm
Photography: Yin Yong
Main materials: decorative panels, terrazzo, and Art lacquer
Contact mailbox:
Contact phone: 15958114163 18758295765
Contact WeChat : laolu10000

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