KFC Restaurant in Yuhe Square, Lijiang, China by RooMoo

Restaurant designed as an exhibition room for a very special collection of unique local fabrics

Project Specs


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Lijiang is a popular tourist destination in China and also a gathering place of the Naxi ethnic group. Architectural style and cultural customs here are unique. The project itself is an old building of the tourist area. The preservation of the old building and the proper introduction of new design elements are the attractions in this design.

▼餐厅外观,exterior view


As to protection of the old structure and the wooden columns, we adopt the treatment methods of deinsectization, anticorrosion and waterproofing to make the original building materials and wooden beam and column structure reflect the original state of nature while extending the service life. Adding steel structure reinforcement to support the use of the two-floor restaurant ensures the stability of the structure.

▼室内概览,新置入的钢结构对双层餐厅起到了支撑作用,interior overview,steel structure reinforcement is added to support the use of the two-floor restaurant


We use the whole space as an exhibition room for a very special collection of unique local fabrics as concept. The 11 kinds of specially-selected fabrics with traditional Naxi characteristics naturally become the “collection”, covering every corner of the whole restaurant space: ceiling, walls and furniture. The vibrant colours, pleasant visual experience and the natural touch of the local traditional cloth are important reasons for our choice and also the most challenging part of the project (the dirt resistance and fire resistance of the fabric are the significant taboos in the restaurant design project).

▼11种纳西族传统特色面料覆盖了餐厅的每个角落,11 kinds of specially-selected fabrics with traditional Naxi characteristics cover every corner of the whole restaurant space


In the middle and later stages of the design, we experiment with the 11 kinds of fabrics themselves and finally realise the protection of the natural surface of the cloth and meet with requirements for fire-protecting rating standard, which plays the decisive role in implementing the concept. At the same time, the local handicraftsmen’s work for 11 hours per square meter also contributes a lot to the integrity of the project. The use of local smoked elm adds another important colour to space – black and it creates areas and frames in addition to the fabric, which controls the balance in spatial hue.

▼熏黑的榆木元素平衡了空间配色,同时起到营造框架和划分区域的作用,the use of local smoked elm creates areas and frames while also controlling the balance in spatial hue

▼设计手稿,design sketches

▼1层平面图,plan 1F

▼2层平面图,plan 2F

▼楼梯立面-布艺放样图,stair elevation – fabric detail

Location: Lijiang Scenic Spot, Yunnan Province, China (Yuhe Square)
Project Area: 334 Square Meters
Number of Floors: 2
Business Attribute: Restaurant
Materials: 11 kinds of local characteristic cloth, old elm board, cement brick
Design Company: ROOMOO
The main designer: Tao,
Design Team: Dai Yun Feng、Wu Xiao Yan、Guo Jia Nv
Photo copyright:ROOMOO & skylook(Photographer)

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