Kerry Centre store of MR.MAIMAi, Hangzhou, China by AN Interior Design

A futuristic bakery constructed with stainless steel.

Project Specs


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AN design company designed a space which has the sense of the future for Mr. MAIMAi in Kerry Center, a new landmark of Hangzhou. We pulled and pushed the linear block to wrap the whole space up. The huge cant created a bran-new tension and landscape under the undisturbed circumstance.

The pure texture becomes the most important element for people to experience the small stainless steel space. People can have a rest here and feel the futuristic when they lost in the shopping mall.

▼ 有未来感的小空间,A space with the sense of the future

3_Kerry Centre store



The space is semi-arc, two sides of it is wide open, and it’s about 45 square meter. It’s not exactly a independent shop. The fire hydrant and load-bearing in one side is 2 meters wide and 0.9 meter long. The slant load-bearing stick in the top and facing the escalator directly. A quarter space is blocked, people have to pass the space by two fixed direction.

The key design points of MR.MAIMAi is to form a watching focus around the pillar. By covering the pillar to express the space implicitly.

▼ 消防栓与承重柱体分隔空间,The fire hydrant and load-bearing in one side separate the space

11_Kerry Centre store

10_Kerry Centre store     7_Kerry Centre store

▼ 商店正面入口,The front facade

5_Kerry Centre store


The special counter hidden in the pillar extend to the whole space, developed a circuitous route. The section of the single-glass panetièrel adopted the black screen print to keep the bread fresh and keep it’s attractive color and lustre.

▼ 特制的吧台伸展至整个空间,The special counter hidden in the pillar extend to the whole space

4_Kerry Centre store

20_Kerry Centre store



The dining area is totally open and arranges like the school desk. All the guest face one direction, to keep the process of dining full of interest. The side of the pillar likes a V-shape. Thus, the wall is made by the upright and cant. All the expression is neat and straight, at the same time, all the straight line is continuous and metabolic.

▼ 就餐区对外开敞,以课桌椅的形式排列,The dining area is totally open and arranges like the school desk

21_Kerry Centre store

8_Kerry Centre store


The whole space of MR.MAIMAi used the Brushed stainless steel only. The main light hidden in the construction and the light source covered by acrylic made the Brushed stainless steel possess a gentle luster.

▼ 主体灯光隐藏在不锈钢结构里,The main light hidden in the construction

19_Kerry Centre store

6_Kerry Centre store     9-1_Kerry Centre store

▼ 设计前平面,Before / 设计后平面,After

嘉里中心平面图     嘉里中心平面图

项目:MR.MAIMAi 麦丘梵面包店

Design: Hangzhou AN Interior Design Co.,Ltd.
Project: Kerry Centre store of MR.MAIMAi
Properties: a new type of the bakery, including coffee and desserts
Photographer:Yujie Liu

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