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Half Street, Half Café

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这是位于上海老城区,五原路边的咖啡厅“聚福 Shanghailander”的室内设计。

The interior design of a café – Jufu Shanghailander – on Wuyuan Road in the heart of old town of Shanghai.

▼店铺立面,café facade ©Alessandro Wang


半道路,半店铺 | Half Street, Half Café


▼轴测图,axon ©一岸建筑

The café was once a one-story town house set between two typical Shanghai lane houses. It is unusually long at 30 meters in length, feeling like an endless tunnel when viewed from the street. When designing the café as a semi-public place with this deep space, we thought it ought to actively bring in visitors to explore. In order to create the atmosphere of a street inside the café, half of the interior is designed of the street, the other half as a café. The entrance doors can slide together, seamlessly connecting the sidewalk and the café.

▼室内的一半做成了道路,另一半做成了咖啡店,half of the interior is designed of the street, the other half as a café ©Alessandro Wang


设计一条道路 | Designing a Street


Along the wall of the café, representing the “street” side, an 18-meter wooden bench extends inviting those on the sidewalk to walk in. The interior wall behind this long bench, is designed in the same way as the exterior façade of typical Shanghai lane-houses, thus extending the outside into the inside of the café.

At the far end of the café where this internal street ends, a glass-ceiling patio draws in natural sunlight. This further enriches the concept of the design – blurring the exterior and interior- and makes the inside more welcoming. Every single piece of furniture along the “street” is different which defines the space, allowing individuals to find their own space.

▼从室内望向街道,view to the street from internal space ©Alessandro Wang

▼长椅座位,the wooden bench ©Alessandro Wang

▼室内尽头设有大天窗,the glass-ceiling patio draws in natural sunlight ©Alessandro Wang


小屋似的咖啡厅| A Cottage-like Café


Opposite the “street” side, a cottage-like shop is the coffee counter, its logo hanging above the counter, facing the “street” portion to further emphasize the street-café relationship. Like a cottage, the coffee shop is constructed with plywood and painted in vibrant shades of reds and greens to brighten up the venue.

▼吧台,bar area  ©Alessandro Wang

▼商品展示区,display area ©Alessandro Wang


城市的天井 | The Patio of the Town


▼充满自然光的“天井”空间,open space filled with natural light ©Alessandro Wang

At the far end of the café there is an open space filled with natural light, a large jade table and wall-to-wall wooden bookshelves. A crimson piano can be found here, its sound spilling out over the tables and as far as the sidewalk outside, catching the attention of those passing by. From the piano to the sidewalk outside, the floor is painted like a red carpet, a symbol of the encounter of music and the town. We hope this café will color our lives and be loved for years to come.

▼阅读区,reading area ©Alessandro Wang

▼街道视角,street view ©Alessandro Wang

▼平面图,plan ©一岸建筑

项目名称: 聚福五原路店
地址: 上海徐汇区五原路92号
建筑师或建筑公司 : 一岸建筑
设计主创 : 松下晃士

完成月年份: 3.2020
面积 : 157 sqm
摄影师: Alessandro Wang
公司网站: www.officecoastline.com
联系邮箱: contact@officecoastline.com

Project name: Shanghailander Wuyuan Road
location: 92 Wuyuan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Leader designer: Akihito Matsushita

Completion month, Year: 3.2020
Area: 157 sqm
Photographer : Alessandro Wang
Website: www.officecoastline.com
Contact e-mail: contact@officecoastline.com

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