JOLOR Showroom in Shanghai, China by Atelier tao+c

Immersed journey as if floating on a dark sea

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Located within the site of an old minery factory in Shanghai, Atelier tao+c has transformed an old 435 square-meter warehouse into a minimal, yet unique continuum with open spatial design. The one-storey building had undergone many shifts in function since 1958, during which much of the original industrial characters were stripped away. Only the triangular roof trusses and the dormer window over the roof still have the hints of what factory building look like within that period.

▼项目室内空间概览,brief view of the interior space of the project ©夏至


As an emerging furniture brand in China, like the other new brands in different industries nowadays, JOLOR started their business with its e-commerce market, and then stepped into the next chapter by opening a retail space to showcase their products for people to experience. The concept of the JOLOR Showroom was to design a place which is not just a furniture store, but also a place that can function as an undefined multi-purpose exhibition space, also as a platform for pop-up events.

▼项目外观,由小型仓库改造而来,external view of the project renovated from a small warehouse ©夏至


In thinking about how to add layers to the original interior of which was just a rectangular structure with no features, the designer’s strategy was to erect two walls that run across the full length of the interior so the space was divided into three bays in 1: 2: 1 scale. In the end, the central exhibition hall and two side aisles was formed to adapt to various furniture settings. These two 25 – meters, continuous walls can also provide sufficient background for small exhibitions and events.

▼高耸的黑色墙体分割空间,the space is defined by high black walls ©夏至


The mezzanine floor between the two newly-built walls was designed to accommodate the furniture display and can be reached by two sets of stairs in different shapes – one in spiral and one straight. The floor slab cantilevered out from the openings on the wall forms the indoor balconies situated on both sides of the aisles. All the newly inserted walls and floors are lined with black terrazzo. Some circle and semi-circle shapes are craved out of the floor and the walls, which can give the hints of the entrance and cast some light through the route for one’s journey in the showroom.

▼夹层楼板和墙面上开凿互相嵌套的圆形或半圆形缺口,circular and semicircular openings on the wall and the floor slab of the mezzanine ©夏至

▼从开口望向展厅和楼梯,几何形开口让墙面显得更加轻盈,view to the exhibition space and the staircase from the geometric openings, which make the walls more light ©夏至

▼一层展示空间,first floor exhibition space ©夏至

▼连接夹层的旋转楼梯,spiral staircase connecting to the mezzanine ©夏至

▼旋转楼梯下的展示空间,exhibition space under the spiral staircase ©夏至

▼连接夹层的直梯和展示空间,straight staircase connecting to the mezzanine with exhibition space below ©夏至

▼夹层上的展示空间,exhibition space on the mezzanine ©夏至

沿着楼顶上原有的一个狭小老虎窗,设计师用白色的锥体承接屋顶和引入光线,巧妙形成了天光采集放大装置。阳光从老虎窗射在锥体内侧的斜面上,被反射到空间内。不同的时间段,从圆形旋转楼梯上楼,可以看到阳光被牵引入室内, 在黑色水磨石侧墙上或在正下方的家具展品上投下光斑。暗色的背景里,光束倾洒于整个展陈空间内,精心分散布置的产品仿佛漂浮在深夜海面。以此达到产品被被空间更好的烘托浮现,吸引观者的注意力,提供沉浸式的探店旅程体验。

Along the original narrow bomber windows on the roof, the designer added a white cone volume to support the roof and draw the sunlight into the space, which makes the windows become a skylight amplification device. From time to time, sunlight penetrates through the bomber window, hit on the inclined planes on the inner sides of the cone and reflected into the center of space. Walking up the spiral staircase upstairs, guests will see the sunlight casting shadows on the furniture or some exhibits below. The carefully placed products and furniture are illuminated, floating in the dark background, and create an immersed journey for the visitors.

▼白色椎体将光线引入室内,light running into the space through a white cone volume ©夏至

▼展品分散布置在空间中,the exhibits dispersed in the space ©夏至

▼白色椎体下的展品及椎体细部,exhibits below the white cone volume and closer view to the white volume ©夏至

▼空间和材料细部,space and material details ©夏至

▼平面图,plans ©西涛设计工作室

▼立面图和剖面图,elevations and sections ©西涛设计工作室

项目名称: JOLOR 展厅
设计师:  Atelier tao+c 西涛设计工作室
项目类型:  旧仓库改造
场地地址: 中国上海
完工日期:  2019.09
占地面积:  435 sqm 
室内面积:740 sqm
设计团队: 刘涛 / 蔡春燕 / 王唯鹿 / 刘国雄 / 汪艳 / 韩立慧
主要材料:  暗色水磨石
FF&E:JOLOR –沙发、边几、椅子、矮几、餐桌、方墩、边柜,JOLOR CANE collection –餐桌、椅子、边柜,TALA –吊灯、台灯,NORR11 –休闲椅、立灯、吊灯、台灯,Sun at Six –休闲椅、矮几,餐桌、椅子,Cassina –椅子,VITRA –休闲椅,HAY –椅子,Modernica –椅子
摄影师:  夏至

Project Name: JOLOR Showroom
Architect’s firm: Atelier tao+c
Project Type: warehouse-adaptive reuse, furniture showroom
General Enquiry:
Press Enquiry:
Location: Shanghai, China
Completion Date: Sep 2019
GFA: 435 sqm
Interior area:  740 sqm
Design team:  Tao Liu, Chunyan Cai, Wang Wei deer, Guoxiong Liu, Jane Wang, Lihui Han
Structure consultant:  Yi fa an
Photographer:  Xia Zhi
Materials:  dark terrazzo
FF&E: JOLOR – sofa,side tables,chairs,coffee tables,table,pouf,cabinets, JOLOR CANE collection – dining table,chair,cabinets, NORR11 – armchairs,floor lamp,Ceiling lamp,table lamp, Sun at Six – armchairs,coffee table,table,chairs , TALA – Ceiling lamp,table lamp,  Cassina – chair, VITRA – armchair ,HAY – chair, Modernica – chair

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