Jingyinyuan Club by 9.9 Design

Echoes the natural law and full of vitality

Project Specs


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“The morning sun comes in from the corner of the room, slowly moves with the sun, and finally the sun disappears and everything goes back to the original. “this is the design form described by the famous architect le corbusier, which echoes the natural law and full of vitality.




The club is located at the foot of the Great Wall in Beijing, surrounded by mountains and with beautiful scenery. There are altogether 7 rooms, tea room, reception room, office, gallery, study, dining room, video room and so on. The space and soft decoration design are both completed by the nine-nine space design, through simple and simple decorative objects to narrow the distance between indoor and outdoor, blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor relations, people, space, courtyard, nature between the formation of a positive and negative, the formation of the relationship between seeing and being seen.



▼接待室,reception room



▼中厅,central hall

▼中厅过道,passage way of the central hall


Part of the space is made into an open space, and there is no door to express a pure minimalist state after reducing the complexity. The whole space is not focused on much, simple but not reduced. Through the shape of objects, the hidden and invisible charm and force are displayed, and light, sound, wind and shadow are introduced.

▼餐厅与茶室之间的门洞,doorway between the tea room and dining room

▼餐厅,dining room

▼茶室,tea room


Create a plain gives it a comfortable space, carefree and use invigorative objects and natural materials to the relationship between the fuzzy interior boundary, and the display of all, is to add to the topic with aesthetic feeling, no redundant decoration, deliberately left some unfinished places retain “empty and Jane” this concept, to the imagination to make up for. Leave white more than one minute, imagine more than one minute, leave white not empty, leave white not white, with no win, with little win more, the so-called “no picture place all become wonderful, line get at appearance”.

▼书房,study room

▼纯粹极简状态,a pure minimalism

▼禅修室,zen study room




▼平面图,floor plan

主创建筑师师: 付强
项目拍摄:钟永刚 纪泓宇

More:九点九空间设计(联系邮箱:464183445@qq.com)。更多关于他们:九点九空间设计on gooood


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