Jing’ an Qicaili renovation project, China by Shanghai PTA

A new curtain wall system with an eye-catching “wave”

Project Specs


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Urban Renewal is to revitalize one city block which no longer meets the needs of modern urban social life. For cities in China, especially the first-tier cities, the concept of urban renewal becomes more and more important. It helps cities reshape vitality, utilize the existing resources and improve the quality of entertainment and cultural life for people.

▼建筑外观,exterior view of the building


Shanghai Jing’ an Qicaili is a renovation project for the current building (Jing’ an China Mall) designed by PLA+Partners under Shanghai PTA for Greenland Group. The project is within Caojiadu Business District, located in the junction area of 3 districts (Jing’ an, Changning, and Putuo), highly accessible to several core commercial blocks.

▼入口立面,entrance facade


The existing building (Jing’ an China Mall) had been left undeveloped after its construction for a number of reasons. Since the initiation of the project, a series of analyses and measuring have been carried out; meanwhile, a mutual decision has been made based on our analysis and the suggestions collected from the client that a curtain wall system is adopted.

▼该项目为既有建筑赋予了新的全范围幕墙表皮,the project aims to create a new curtain wall system for the existing building

▼穿孔铝板立面,the new facade is made of perforated aluminum panels


Our main principle for this renovation project is to maintain the basic form of the original building, preserve the initial form and retain the exterior part on the 2nd to 4th levels. Moreover, despite dissecting the existing facades, we endeavor to keep its original structure intact. The entirety of the expression of the project’s innovations and ideas go on the additional layers.

▼设计的一大原则是尊重原有建筑的形体,the main principle for this renovation project is to maintain the basic form of the original building

▼立面细部,facade detail


The most valuable forming relations of the existing building is outlined with rough stroke, then the most of the building is overlaid with uniform, tasteful and unadulterated perforated metal panels under consideration of the natural lighting and ventilation requirements. Beyond the main entrance ahead the crossroad, a series of enameled tempered glass are designed to complete the hollow-solid materials comparison.

▼入口中心位置采用全玻璃形式创造虚实对比,the hollow-solid comparison of materials is highlighted with a series of tempered glass of the main entrance


Those perforated metal panels on the cladding façade have been divided into 6 types with different horizontal heights. With 6 groups of metal panels meshed, we create a unique cladding design with a beautiful eye-catching “wave” façade at the day time, as well as a night-time illumination.

▼主体幕墙单元拆解,main facade elements diagram

▼不同起伏程度的单元制造出波浪感, a unique cladding design with beautiful “waves”


We also take account of natural lighting when standing inside of the building. By retaining all the current windows, we gave a visually crystallization to all the windows in virtual design process, and designed larger-diameter panels in those positions need more light penetration-where the windows are.

▼透光率不同的穿孔铝板制造了表面的二次肌理,the perforated aluminum panels vary in light transmittance to bring an extra texture for the facade


During the process of urbanization, buildings with particular antiquated designing styles have fallen out of favors of contemporary aesthetics and practical demands. Therefore the redevelopment and redesigning of such buildings, and revitalizations have been a focal point in the industry down the stretch.

▼建筑夜景,night view

▼北立面图,north facade

▼西北立面图,northwest facade

▼西立面图,west facade

▼东立面图,east facade


客户:绿地集团 事业一部
品牌:3mm香槟色铝单板 双面氟碳喷涂 – 上海奔威铝幕墙有限公司
10Low-e+12A+10钢化中空彩釉玻璃 – 安徽南瑞玻璃有限公司
10Low-e+12A+10钢化中空玻璃 – 安徽南瑞玻璃有限公司

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