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Appreciations towards ANSON DESIGN (Contact: ANSON_DESIGN@outlook.com) for providing the following description: 


Most of the coffee space in the city is limited to drink coffee, lacking the experience process. In this project, the new space consumption form is adjusted to separate the coffee production area from the consumption area, and the guest is less affected by the sound of the machine operated by the barista.According to the conditions of the original building, Open the partial floor slab of the first and second floors to allow the space to form a mutual relationship, The use of the second floor sloping roof to create different dimensions of space, creating that is open and private environmental relations.Besides we try to use different materials of the same color: Ceramic  tile,skin, aluminum plate, paint, through the light-transmitting projection, there is  weak color block changes slightly.

▼室内空间概览,view of the interior space ©罗文翰


The project is located in a lively commercial street, with a reverse design that hides the facade, let the sun shines through the trees on the gray aluminum panels to create a rich change. The facade uses a 7.5-meter-high, 1.8-meter-wide floor-to-ceiling glass that allows guests to experience the different visual effects of sunlight mapping at different times of the day. Try to brand in commercial design, without signboards, but strengthen the brand concept in space.

▼店铺外观,立面不设招牌,external view of the cafe without signboards ©罗文翰


The entrance is designed with a concave space to meet the function of sunshade and rain, and also to change the architectural form.  The seamless glass allows the passing customers to clearly see the indoor design. The glass door be labeled the name of the brand “LAIHUI”, the word “LAI” is used outside of the door to symbolize the welcoming of guests; the word “HUI” is used inside of the door, represents guests will return home soon when leaving.

▼入口设有凹形空间,concave space at the entrance ©罗文翰


The new retail space emphasizes the dynamics and feelings of people’s behavior in space. The whole design is based on gray, which makes the function of space more pure, and customers pay more attention to visual space experience and products. 6.5 meters of bar and 4 meters of black walnut, foil the original building long space characteristics.The ground is paved with two layers of light and dark tiles. The rich space effect also emphasizes the space characteristics. The 6.4-meter-high plant is designed in the hollow position of the stairs, which softens the spatial relationship and creates the effect of the stairs extending upwards.

▼一层空间,吧台与黑胡桃木条凳烘托空间特点,first floor space, bar and black walnut bench enhances the characteristics of the space ©罗文翰

▼吧台,不同深浅的灰色丰富空间,bar, different levels of grey color enrich the space ©罗文翰

▼楼梯间,staircase ©罗文翰

▼6米的植物营造向上延伸的效果,the 6-meter high plant creates the effect of extending upwards ©罗文翰


The floor of the building is demolished to form a spatial relationship between the first and second floors. The aluminum plate wall extends to the second floor and runs through the entire space. The staircase of the original building was changed to a three-section turning pattern. A rectangular window was designed on the wall connecting the stairs to the kitchen. When the customer walked the stairs, the operating scene of the kitchen was seen to enrich the customer’s experience.

▼空间分析图,space analysis ©安森设计


Using the original building sloping column structure, four different spatial forms are created. The dividing wall shapes the shape of the “window”, and the space is connected to each other through the shapes to form a interesting spatial tension .

▼从楼梯上到二层,“窗”连接不同空间,come up from the staircase, the space is connected and defined by “windows” ©罗文翰

▼ 长桌休闲区,long table seating area ©罗文翰

▼半围合区,semi-enclosed seating ares ©罗文翰

▼围合区,enclosed seating area ©罗文翰


The space is dominated by gray tones, three shades, and the four materials form a spatial hierarchy. Three different shades of color enhance the space effect, the ground dark gray tiles, the dark gray aluminum facade, the light-colored leather, the dark gray artificial stone on the floor, contrasting and echoing each other, the faint color conversion of the material gives a rich spatial effect. Green plants are planted on gray fundamental key, embellish integral space color, let the space be full of vigor and vitality.

▼空间中使用不同深浅的灰色材料,grey materials in different tones used in the space ©罗文翰

▼绿色植物点缀灰色空间,green plants embellish the grey space ©罗文翰


The material is finished by two kinds of closing methods, one is a concave seam, the other is a dense seam, the concave seam emphasizes the structure of the space, and the dense seam emphasizes the block surface.

▼不同的收口细节,details of different closing methods ©罗文翰

▼平面图,plans ©安森设计

项目名称 来回咖啡教育路店
设计机构: 广州安森设计事务所
联系邮箱 : ANSON_DESIGN@outlook.com
项目地址: 广州越秀区教育路23号
建筑面积: 150㎡
摄影: 罗文翰
客户: 来回咖啡

Project name: Jiaoyu Road LaiHui Coffee
Design agency: Guangzhou Anson Design Office
Public number: AD anson design
Contact :ANSON_DESIGN@outlook.com
Project design time: 2019.4
Project completion time: 2018.9
Lead designer: Zhenan Hou
Design team: Anson Design Office
Project address: No. 23, Jiaoyu Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Floor area :150㎡
Photography: Wenhan Luo
Guest: LaiHui Coffee
Main materials: Gray aluminum plate, Dark light color floor tile, Gray quartz stone, Light gray leather, etc

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