Renovation of the historical centre of Zaraysk by Basis architectural bureau

Using landscape to highlight the landmarks of the historical city

Project Specs


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▼广场概览,project overall view ©Basis architectural bureau

A project for the renovation of the historical city centre of Zaraysk ,a small ancient city that still retains the comfort and warmth of bygone eras. The brick water tower, reminiscent of the donjon tower is one of the main attractions of the city. To emphasize this dominance, a contrasting coating of white marble chips and slabs in the tone of bricks was created around it. Red and white paved paths converge in rays from the roadway to the tower.

▼水塔广场轴测图,axon – brick water tower
©Basis architectural bureau


The intimate and serene atmosphere of this place is reflected in authentic wooden lamps and randomly arranged orange and red chairs. The playground is equipped with wooden objects for playing with white marble sand. In spring the entire square is shrouded in the haze of blooming white shadbush hiding it from the roadway.

▼水塔夜景,night view of the water tower
©Basis architectural bureau

▼随性布置的座椅,the randomly arranged chairs
©Basis architectural bureau

▼木制灯具,the wooden lamps
©Basis architectural bureau

▼路灯和背景处的水塔,lamps with the water tower as the background
©Basis architectural bureau


axon – playground & water scape ©Basis architectural bureau

Another anchor point is a playground with swings near the central store lined with small pebbles. Unlike a bright rubber coating, natural materials look more organic here and are suitable for games with water. A backlit canopy hanging over a swing, a horizontal bar with an obstacle course and a porch of a tea house is part of the new design code and is repeated in several areas of the city.

▼障碍游戏区,the horizontal bar with an obstacle course
©Basis architectural bureau

▼秋千座椅,seating swings ©Basis architectural bureau

▼凉廊,porch ©Basis architectural bureau

night view of the playground and the porch
©Basis architectural bureau


The square near the shopping arcades of the 18th century and the Trinity Church is another important point on the new pedestrian route. Lined with granite and located on the same level with the roadway, it is easily transformed into a venue for mass events. The restored memorial to the heroes of the Second World War with the Eternal Flame is visually highlighted by paving.

▼纪念雕塑广场,the memorial square ©Basis architectural bureau


Exhibition and corridor spaces are organized along the shopping arcades. In order not to obscure the historical facades and the view of the river valley, large shrubs of Ginnala maple giving a cosy shade will be planted here instead of big trees.

▼林荫道轴测图,axon – boulevard ©Basis architectural bureau

▼平面图和铺面示意,plan and paving ©Basis architectural bureau

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