d-u DUCAL Coffee & Culture, China by Benzhe Architecture

A symphony blending Chinese and western melodies on the ancient canal in the south of the Yangtze River

Project Specs


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d-u Ducal Coffee & Culture is located in the Qingming Bridge and Ancient Canal Scenic Area, which is known for  “Water Lane Hall in the South of the Yangtze River” with the reputation of “Relic of the Ancient Canal”. Merging well into the surroundings while at the same time introducing the diversity of an independent aesthetic space, DUCAL Coffee & Culture neighbors the Sincere Hotel.

▼咖啡厅概览,overview ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川


The ancient Nanxiatang Street retains the look of an ancient town, featuring households by rivers and small bridges over streams. For Benzhe Architecture Design, it is crucial to balance the dialogue between an ancient street in the south of the Yangtze River and the modern coffee culture.

▼建筑外观,exterior view ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川


At the newly furnished entrance, the window of flower-shaped lattice is replaced by that of wood grilles, generating a lighter and warmer feeling. A convex French casement window made of wood and glass is also employed to make the space brighter and roomier. Leading to the cafe is an aisle sitting on the side; with its stone road curving through sand and pellets, it creates an atmosphere of gentleness that is typical in the south of the Yangtze River.

▼咖啡厅入口,the enterance ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川


With a slight push of the solid wood door of the main entrance, an art exhibition area awaits you. It can be used for receptions or art salons; yet when an exhibition takes place, the reception desk and leisure benches can transform into a bar counter together with display stands. This arts area is separated from the cafe area with glass French windows, appearing to make the two areas combine into one.

▼艺术展示区,the art exhibition area ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川


The dining area has a raised-up center, featuring with a Japanese style tatami. Here you will find a solid wood bar counter with grid bookshelves. Feel free to grab a book and your favorite beverage and follow your steps to the sunken entertainment area, or just enjoy the visual pleasure provided by the well-arranged space. From the windows flows the song of running water, seasoning with the shadows of trees dancing in the breeze. And you are guaranteed with a sweeping view of their banquet.

▼用餐区,the dining area ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川

▼空间细节,detailed view ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川

▼错落有致的空间形成有趣的视觉体系,the visual pleasure provided by the well-arranged space ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川

▼榻榻米区,Japanese style tatami ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川


The semi-open water bar serves as a good spot for guests to converse with the barista. You can also watch how your coffee is made, from the grinding to the brewing. The rooftop space is remodeled with interlaced lines that present geometric beauty.

▼半开放式的水吧便于咖啡师与客人对话交流,the semi-open water bar serves as a good spot for guests to converse with the barista ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川

▼榻榻米区,Japanese style tatami ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川


At the junction where the arts area and the coffee area meet, a long and narrow aisle of concrete produces a stark contrast between the interior and the exterior space. The sunken courtyard is classic and elegant in a quintessential way. Come and stay for half a day, you can forget the hustle and bustle of urban life and savor your peace and respite.

▼新浇混凝土通道,the stark contrast ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川

▼庭院,the sunken courtyard ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川

▼洗手池,basin area ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川

▼室内细部,interior details ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川

▼家具细部,furniture details ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川


By the ancient canal, in the south of the Yangtze River, there is an ancient street, with the aroma of coffee permeating the air. Listen,Ducal Coffee& Culture is playing a symphony where Chinese and western melodies blend perfectly.

▼建筑外观细节,exterior detailed view ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川

▼平面布置图,layout plan ©本哲建筑

▼正面立面图,elevation of front façade ©本哲建筑

▼侧面立面图,elevations of side façades ©本哲建筑

项目名称:d-u 渡咖文集
Project name:d-u DUCAL Coffee & Culture
Project site: 135 Nanxiatang Street, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China
Designed by: Shanghai Benzhe Architecture Design Co., Ltd.
Company website: www.benzhedesign.com
Floor area: 148m²
Main plan architect: Jiang Huajian
Design time: June, 2019
Construction time: August, 2019
Completion time: December, 2019
Guidance design by: Benzhe Architecture Design
摄影:形在空间摄影 | 贺川
Photo by: Here Space | He Chuan

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