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The Redding garden is a formal garden featuring a local vernacular of construction materials and details. Eight acres of rolling terrain have been divided into a dozen and half garden rooms. The approach to the property is through a tree-lined lane into a red gravel-surfaced parking court with a central medallion of the cardinal points.

▼从草地向以住宅区为起点向下延伸的主要生活平台看,勾勒出从泳池到主要生活平台的景观视线,the view across the meadow to the main living terraces, which step down from the house, and a beautiful site line from the swimming pool to the main living terraces ©️Rob Cardillo Photography


The main living terraces step down from the house to a large lawn designed for entertaining. Features in the living spaces include a wisteria-covered rustic arbor, water feature, and dining terrace that is shaded by a 75-year-old copper beech tree. The outdoor kitchen and pizza oven are concealed behind a large-scale outdoor fire place.

▼视线穿过主草地往回看住宅区,a view through the main meadow back to the house ©️Rob Cardillo Photography

▼视线穿过主要生活平台上的水池看草地和远山,a view across the pool on the main living space to the meadows and the distant hillside ©️Rob Cardillo Photography

▼ 主要生活平台向下延伸到露营草坪,一棵巨大的紫叶欧洲山毛榉树限定出中央立着雕塑的生活空间,the main living terraces step down the hill to the tent lawn, and a large copper beech tree anchors the space that is punctuated by sculpture ©️Rob Cardillo Photography

▼被紫藤覆盖的凉亭为停车场方向的来人提供了一个过渡空间,同时也为下沉花园的西侧提供了一个视线焦点,a wisteria-clad arbor provides a transition from the auto court and a focal point for the west end of the sunken garden ©️Rob Cardillo Photography

▼九月,秋麒麟草漫山遍野地覆盖在草地上,Goldenrods embraze the meadow in September ©️Rob Cardillo Photography

▼从草地区看泳池区,viewing from the meadow area to the swimming pool ©️Rob Cardillo Photography


▼青石板路穿过草地,通向泳池区,bluestone stairs to the swimming pool pass through the meadow ©️Rob Cardillo Photography

A symmetrically-organized sunken garden with sentinels of upright beech trees under-planted with roses is visible from the auto court, house and living terraces. The swimming pool and formal fountain garden are set in a picturesque landscape planted with meadows, woodland gardens, and lawns. Each garden room offers expansive vistas through the garden and to the distant hills.

▼被白色绣球花包围着的泳池区,the swimming pool surrounded with PeeGee hydrangeas ©️Rob Cardillo Photography

▼泳池区鸟瞰图,穿过草地和露营草坪便到了泳池区,an aerial view of the swimming pool, across the meadow to the tent lawn, and beyond ©️Rob Cardillo Photography

▼从麒麟草草地看泳池区入口,a view of the swimming pool entry from the goldenrod meadow ©️Rob Cardillo Photography

▼白色的绣球花构成了泳池区的入口,white PeeGee hydrangeas form the entry into the swimming pool garden ©️Land Morphology

▼泳池一角和泳池边上的小屋,a corner of the swimming pool and the pool house ©️Rob Cardillo Photography

▼泳池边的休息座椅区,以白色绣球花为背景,the seating area beside the swimming pool with the white PeeGee hydrangeas as the backdrop ©️Land Morphology


Eight water features act as focal points to various spaces, and a collection of figurative art is used to great effect in the landscape. All walls are built of stone from the site. Locally cut and milled white oak was used for each of the arbors. Bluestone was sourced from a quarry within 75 miles from the site. Local craftspeople were 
used for construction to emphasize sustainable development strategies. An emphasis on native plants provides environmental resiliency and allows the garden to fit beautifully into the Connecticut countryside.

▼由3000朵多毛金光菊组成的圆形花园,花园中心有一个水池,the pool garden surrounded with a circle of 3,000 black-eyed Susans ©️Rob Cardillo Photography

▼从多毛金光菊花园中央的水池看周边,viewing from the central water pond of the Black-eyed Susans garden ©️Land Morphology

▼通过草地上的小径到达水泵房,水泵房被花心呈黑色的多毛金光菊环绕着,pump house framed by a lawn path and surrounded in black-eyed Susans ©️Land Morphology


The garden was designed to reflect a simple design motif that fits well into its surroundings. Its contemplative and beautiful character provides formal entertaining space and respite from life in New York City.

▼桑拿房坐落在草地的边缘上,the sauna is nestled at the edge of the meadow ©️Rob Cardillo Photography

▼通向林地花园的月洞门,the Moon Gate leads into the woodland garden ©️Rob Cardillo Photography

▼宽阔的草地小径通向枫树林,a sweeping grass path leads into the maple grove ©️Claire Takacs, Takacs Photography

▼园区内的建筑小品,the landscape architecture articles in the garden  ©️Land Morphology(上、中、下右)©️Claire Takacs, Takacs Photography(下左)

▼园区内的草地细节,meadow details ©️Rob Cardillo Photography(上) ©️Land Morphology(下)

▼园区内的喷泉细节,fountain details ©️Land Morphology

▼景观平面图,landscape plan

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