Imperial UP by Alexander & CO

The safe havens for LGBQTI in a bold color scheme

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Imperial UP俱乐部位于地标般的Imperial酒店的上层空间内,坐落于悉尼市郊的Erskineville区。本项目作为澳大利亚最受尊敬的LGBQTI性少数群体的避风港之一,它的重新落成有着重大的意义。作为一个文化地标,它是电影Priscilla的诞生地,同时,作为一座历史悠久的剧院和活动空间,它在大悉尼地区也发挥着举足轻重的作用。

Imperial UP is located on the upper level of the iconic Imperial Hotel in Erskineville. This project represents the relaunch of one of Australia’s most revered LGBQTI safe havens. As a cultural icon, it was the birthplace of the movie Priscilla and plays a pivotal role in the greater Sydney community as a historic theatre and event space.

▼室外屋顶酒吧区,配有圆桌和金色的披萨烤箱,outdoor roof bar area with round tables and the golden pizza oven


The outside area features a retractable roof, golden pizza oven and stone mosaic bar featuring graphics. Inside, the space hou¬ses a 30-seat ‘diner’, cocktail bar, private dining room and lounge/dining area. Australia’s first same sex marriage cathedral will open on the rooftop of this space in 2019.

▼室外屋顶酒吧区吧台,带有波普艺术图案,由石材马赛克打造而成,the stone mosaic bar featuring graphics in the outdoor roof bar area

▼室外屋顶酒吧座椅区,the seating area in the outdoor bar

受马蒂斯(funtown Matisse)美学风格的影响,且参考了中世纪的迈阿密装饰艺术,本项目使用大量的浅色系和亮色系的颜色,配色大胆。呈现着在太阳下自然褪色效果的粉色与深黄色和深紫红色相结合,突出了特殊的空间造型、室内外家具和装饰配色。室内空间中摆放着一系列稀奇古怪的夫妇收藏品,其中包括黄铜制的棕榈树状的支撑架、几何形状的黄铜灯台以及使用十字针法缝合而成的织物桶椅等。定制的地毯使用柔和的色调,其设计灵感来源于前卫的几何图案,为餐厅平添的一些个性。

Light and Bright with a ‘funtown Matisse’ aesthetic, the colour scheme is big and camp, with a reference to mid century Miami Art Deco. Sun bleached pinks cavort with mustards and burgundy, a wild Mardi Gras of idiosyncratic shapes, furnishings and colour. Quirky retro collectibles include brass palm tree console, geometric brass table lamps and cross stitched fabric bucket chairs. A custom carpet inspired by the geometric avant garde and featuring pastel shades brightens and adds character to the dining room.

▼室内休息空间,采用粉色与深黄色和深紫红色相结合的色调,interior lounge space with the palette of pinks cavorting with mustards and burgundy

▼室内休息空间细节,采用织物桶椅和色调柔和的地毯,details of the interior lounge space with fabric bucket chairs and the pastel carpet

不规则形状的主酒吧吧台使用彩色层压板和镜面作为饰面材料,为主要空间提供服务。此外,建筑师还设计了一个名为“Golden Lady”的金色雕塑,该雕塑被放在吧台上以呼应设计主题,其灵感来源于下层空间。

The irregularly shaped main bar finished in coloured laminate and mirror services the main room. Our ‘Golden Lady’, an icon repurposed from the lower floor and re-lacquered in gold sits atop the bar to suit the theme.

▼室内主吧台,采用不规则形状,the main bar in the irregular shape

▼室内主吧台细节,使用彩色层压板和镜面作为饰面材料,details of the interior main bar finished in coloured laminate and mirror

从概念上讲,建筑师将本空间定义为一个“艺术社交俱乐部”。它是一个公共沙龙空间,在设计上参考了54号工作室(Studio 54)以及艺术家Andy Warhol所提出的波普艺术。建筑师在本项目中还设置了大量的装饰艺术风格的收藏品,打造出一个现代版的Gertrude Stein沙龙。

Conceptually, the space is conceived as an ‘Arts Social Club’. A public salon which references Studio 54 and the distant memories of Andy Warhol. Think quirky collector with an Art Deco flair – our contemporary version of Gertrude Stein’s salon.

▼可以容纳30人的简易餐厅,墙上挂着黄铜壁灯和艺术画,the 30-seat ‘diner’ with the brass wall lamps and art works

▼可以容纳30人的简易餐厅,墙上挂着大片的镜面,the 30-seat ‘diner’ with the large mirror

▼室内用餐空间,interior dining area


A 10-seat private dining room invites guest into an intimate celebration space with fringed mirrors and custom-made brass wall lights.

▼私人用餐包间,设有定制的黄铜壁灯,the private dining room with custom-made brass wall lights

▼私人用餐包间细节,设置流苏镜,details of the private dining room with fringed mirrors

从历史的层面上看,上层空间曾是男扮女装的男子同性恋者(Drag Queen)的更衣室,在这里,他们可以为晚会进行精心的准备。建筑师将该空间的颜色、空间内的服饰和特点提取出来,将其作为了本项目设计灵感,创造出一个轻松的、材料丰富的空间。

Historically, the upper level housed the colour, costume and character of the Drag Queen’s dressing rooms as they prepared for their evening shows. This legacy is translated into the lighthearted energy and kaleidoscopic material palette of the space.

▼室内收藏品,the interior collection

▼室内楼梯,interior stairs

Project Name: Imperial UP
Location: Erskineville, Sydney, Australia
Principal Architect: Sophie Harris
Interior Design Team: Jeremy Bull, Larissa Raymond, Madison Faye, Lucy Forlico
Date of Completion: August 2018
Project Size: 455 sq m

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