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A magical medieval workspace Inspired employees.

Project Specs


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IGG 是一家手机游戏公司,名字来源于“I got games”。由于公司比较擅长的是中世纪风格的游戏类型,我们决定以中世纪古堡为主题贯穿始终,同时加入魔幻元素,让员工每时每刻都能沉浸其中,激发灵感。

IGG is a mobile game company, the name comes from I got games”. Because the company is good at the medieval style game types, we decided to medieval castle theme throughout, while adding magical elements, so that employees can immerse them, inspiration.


一层空间 | First Floor

▼ 接待大厅,reception hall

003-IGG office headquarters 1F-003

004-IGG office headquarters 1F-004

005-IGG office headquarters 1F-005

▼ 图书馆,library

006-IGG office headquarters 1F-006

007-IGG office headquarters 1F-007     008-IGG office headquarters 1F-008

▼ 咖啡厅,cafeteria

011-IGG office headquarters 1F-011

▼ 影院,cinema

012-IGG office headquarters 1F-012

▼ 泳池,swimming pool

010-IGG office headquarters 1F-010

▼ 通往二层的楼梯,stairs

013-IGG office headquarters 1F-013

在设计初期,设计工作室还和 IGG 就谈到了一个共同的概念,那就是柏林墙。柏林墙作为自由的象征,是人类一直以来的追求,时刻提醒 IGG 不要忘记自己的追求,也就是不忘初心制造快乐娱乐玩家的企业精神。为此业主在外国订购了两座拆除的柏林墙,我们了解其深意后,决定把它们竖立在办公楼的入口正前方,并且请画师在柏林墙上绘制了目前 IGG 最热门的两款游戏《城堡争霸》、《王国纪元》。

In the early days of the design, we talked to IGG about a common concept, the Berlin wall. Berlin wall as a symbol of freedom, is always the pursuit of mankind, always remind IGG not to forget their own pursuit, that is, do not forget the heart of the first generation of fun and fun players entrepreneurial spirit. The foreign owners in the order of the two seat demolition of the Berlin wall, we understand its meaning, decided to take the front entrance they erected in the office building, and please artist at the Berlin wall was drawn at two of the most popular IGG game “castle,” the kingdom of “hegemony” era.


二层空间 | Second Floor

▼ 办公区域,workspace on the second floor

014-IGG office headquarters 2F-001

▼ 森林小径,forest trails

015-IGG office headquarters 2F-002

016-IGG office headquarters 2F-003

017-IGG office headquarters 2F-004

▼ 休闲区,recreation area

018-IGG office headquarters 2F-005


三层空间Third Floor

▼ 车站穹顶,the glass vaults of the station

020-IGG office headquarters 3F-001

▼ 列车装置,the installation of the train

022-IGG office headquarters 3F-003

▼ 办公区域,workspace

024-IGG office headquarters 3F-005

▼ 会议区,meeting area

025-IGG office headquarters 3F-006

▼ 楼梯,stairs

026-IGG office headquarters 3F-007


四层空间 | Fourth Floor

▼ 四层的工作区,workspace on the fourth floor

027-IGG office headquarters 4F-001

030-IGG office headquarters 4F-004

031-IGG office headquarters 4F-005

032-IGG office headquarters 4F-006

▼ 公共区域,public spaces

033-IGG office headquarters 4F-007     028-IGG office headquarters 4F-002

▼ 洗手间内部,interior of the washroom

029-IGG office headquarters 4F-003

▼ 总平面,masterplan


▼ 一层平面,plan of the first floor

034-IGG office headquarters Plan-001

▼ 一层夹层平面,plan of the mezzanine

035-IGG office headquarters Plan-002

▼ 二层平面,plan of the second floor

036-IGG office headquarters Plan-003

▼ 三层平面,plan of the third floor

037-IGG office headquarters Plan-004

▼ 轴测图,exploded axonometric

044-IGG office headquarters Section-005


Project Name: IGG office headquarters
Project address: Fujian, Fuzhou
Design unit: ten design
Main case design: Chen Hui

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