Huateng Hog House Barbecue Restaurant china by Leeko Studio

Barbecue Restaurant in the farm

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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Designed by Leeko Studio, the barbecue restaurant of Huateng Hog House Farm is now completed and opened to serve its customers. The barbecue restaurant is the sixth work accomplished by Leeko Studio for Huateng Hog House. The previous five works are Hog House Façade Reconstruction, Exhibition Hall of Hog House, Log Cabin Library, Bamboo Corridor, Piggy Race respectively.

▼主入口,main entrance

▼东立面,east facade


The land for barbecue restaurant is 20 m long from north to south, and 10 m wide from east to west. Although it is located in rural area, there is no plenty of available land resource for construction. The barbecue restaurant has to be built along the red line so it must be in shape of rectangle without any concave and convex on each side.

▼俯瞰烤肉馆,aerial view of barbecue restaurant


Although the land available for construction is so limited, LeekoStudio managed to design a gray space at the front entrance.

▼正入口灰空间,gray space at front entrance


Designed to relieve the visual impact of the barbecue restaurant against the surroundings, the gray space is not only the ex-preface space of the restaurant but also a place for customers to have a chat or rest after a wonderful dinner. Meanwhile, the staff of Hog House may also relax and rest there.

▼入口灰空间,gray space of entrance


The principle of saving plays a dominant role in the design of barbecue restaurant. According to my experience on rural architectural project in last a few years, it is necessary to take into account time cost, manpower cost, employee skills and other multiple factors. The steel structure is the best option for the barbecue restaurant.
We finally chose sleeper as main material for external wall but we employ plastic steel for window. Below windowsill is prefabricated concrete hollow block. The proprietor Huateng Farm has a channel to procure inexpensive sleepers. It also makes up our regret that we fail to use sleeper in Log Cabin Library.
The prefabricated concrete hollow block is now often used in dike dam on the bank in rural area. It is cheap and easy to get. The prefabricated concrete hollow block can be used regardless of its size. The large block can be used to build the foundation of restaurant while the small one is good option for flowerpot. The plastic steel for window is a not a highly appreciated material. LeekoStudio prefers to select such low material for two reasons as follows:
1. On account of limited cost of construction in rural area, the plastic steel window is the best option for thermal insulation and water resistance.
2. The sleeper and concrete hollow block is so rough and tough that white the low sense of plastic steel window can be well neutralized.

▼建筑立面细节,architectural details of facade

▼枕木、遮阳耐候钢、塑钢窗、种植混凝土砌块,sleeper, sunshade weathering steel, concrete block

▼建筑细部,architectural details


The completed barbecue restaurant feels very close to the sketch of our design. The black sleeper and read light unveil a sharp and apparent contrast between light and shadow as well as illusion and reality.

▼暗与亮的关系,relationship between dark and light


From perspective of LeekoStudio, rough material may be an ideal option for exteriors of the barbecue restaurant. Any exquisite material will naturally grow rough under changing weather. It is reshaped by the almighty power of nature. There is a sharp contrast between the interior material and the exterior one. As the exterior material is closely exposed to its user, the pleasant timber is preferred.

▼烤肉店室内,interiors of barbecue restaurant


To open long narrow windows in the walls of restaurant and well control the intensity of local light at the same time, we reinforce the windows with antidazzle screen made of weathering steel. Meanwhile, we design four skylights in the roof to let in more natural light. With four skylights, the natural light indoors will be well balanced. It will be bright enough indoors if it is artificially illuminated a little more when necessary. The balance of illumination will give you a sense of comfort.

▼天窗局部,skylight layout

▼项目在农庄里的位置图,the location of barbecue restaurant in the farm



▼剖面图,cross-section drawing

▼剖透视图,perspective section

▼设计手绘草图,design sketch

设计团队:李以靠 、陈凯丽 、李兆晗、 王博 、梁尧

Project site: Huateng Hog House Zhouquan Town Tongxiang City Zhejiang Province
Design team: Li Yikao, Chen Kaili, Li Zhaohan, Wang Bo, Liang Yao
Time of design: May 2018
Time of construction: June to August 2018
Building area: 200 sqm
Photographer: Zhang Yong

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