House Parts Office, Beijing by PAO

Sliced House dispersed throughout the office interior, bringing the casual comfort of home life.

Project Specs


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Headquartered in Beijing, Xiaozhu commissioned People’s Architecture Office and People’s Industrial Design Office to design House Parts Office, their latest office space located in the city’s hi-tech center. Xiaozhu (literally ‘small pig’ but homophonous with ‘short stay’) is a peer-to-peer housing rental website. The startup is China’s rival to Airbnb and part of the country’s new ‘shared economy’.

▼ 办公室概览

1- House Parts Office, Beijing by PAO

10- House Parts Office, Beijing by PAO


我们切分了“家”,把切片散布到一个平常无奇的办公空间里。原来“家”中的厨房、客厅和卧室,被“切/换”为吧台、洽谈、会议室和休息室。经过切开重新布局后, 相邻切块会连带着相同的表面材质,暗示它们源自原来“家”的同一个空间。空间中还有从众产品的三轮移动房车发展而来的三轮办公会议室,它既可以办公也可以开小型会议。这些灵动空间反映了“小猪”为用户提供尽可能多样和宽泛的信息选择的服务理念。

Launched four years ago, Xiaozhu is now valued at $300 million plus. The unpredictability of such rapid growth requires a highly flexible work environment. Our design features spaces and furniture that easily combine and separate, mobile meeting rooms, and power outlets that swing to desired locations. Like Xiaozhu’s online business, the office interior consists of a collage of various domestic spaces. The design inserts the casual comfort of home life into the workplace, reflecting the company’s open spirit.

House Parts Office is conceived as a house that has been divided and its parts dispersed throughout an otherwise banal office interior. Shared interior finishes between split spaces make apparent that adjacent portions refer to a single room. These sliced samples of domesticity include kitchen, living room, and bedroom and double as ad hoc meeting areas. House Parts Office also features converted tricycles – workspaces and informal meeting areas on wheels – that are inspired by our Tricycle House and the often unique living spaces found in China. Such spaces reflect Xiaozhu’s rental offerings, providing users with a wide spectrum of settings to choose from.

▼ 设计概念


▼ 办公室全景

1+2 House Parts Office, Beijing by PAO

▼ 开放而自由的办公空间中有能够轻松拆分组合的空间与家具

3- House Parts Office, Beijing by PAO

▼ 左侧是蓝色的三轮移动会议室

6- House Parts Office, Beijing by PAO


18- House Parts Office, Beijing by PAO

▼ “家”的切片–原来“家”中的厨房、客厅和卧室,被“切/换”为吧台、洽谈、会议室和休息室

17- House Parts Office, Beijing by PAO

2- House Parts Office, Beijing by PAO

9- House Parts Office, Beijing by PAO     12- House Parts Office, Beijing by PAO


The office features custom-designed furniture by PIDO. Long span cantilevering tables supported by only four legs create undisrupted space underneath to provide seating flexibility. Not only does this allow for space to expand, but passersby can sit down and squeeze in for spontaneous conversation. Numerous mobile Tetris Tables can be detached, combined and rearranged to working in groups or individually. Red ‘umbrellas’ swivel to different locations to provide overhead light and electricity. A long conference table can be separated into three smaller tables, allowing the conference room itself to be divided into three smaller rooms when necessary.

▼ 可移动的定制家具

Teris-table- House Parts Office, Beijing by PAO

Tricyle Meeting Room- House Parts Office, Beijing by PAO2     Tricyle Meeting Room- House Parts Office, Beijing by PAO1

Meeting room- House Parts Office, Beijing by PAO1     Meeting room- House Parts Office, Beijing by PAO2


At Xiaozhu’s headquarters flexibility and diversity of workspaces and furniture facilitate spontaneous interactions in order to encourage the exchange of ideas. Such designs are essential in fostering innovation in China’s emerging service economy.

▽ 平面图

Plan copy

面积:350 平米
设计主持:何哲、James Shen(沈海恩)、臧峰
Area:350 sqm
Completion:July. 2016
Principal: He Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng
Project Team: Jiang Hao, Zhang Zhen, Amy Song, Ren Depei, Chen Yihuai
Photographer: People’s Architecture Office

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