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A courtyard inside the living room

Project Specs


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The house is for a couple and their three little children, located in a quiet residential area in northern Kyoto city.

▼住宅外观,停车场位于住宅正门的正前方,木格栅下的瓷砖铺地与室内相同并通向室内,the exterior view of the house with the car parking at the front, the tile floor beneath the wood lattice which has a commonality with the interior leads to the house inside.



The site environment is where neighbor houses are standing at the edge of the east, west, south boundary, and houses are lined on the other side of the north narrow road. The specific requests at the beginning were not so many. Their needs came to clear little by little, as various plans were proposed.

Since the couple preferred simple and open plan and also they must keep watching their three children are constantly moving, the house was designed as one big space, placing the double-height living room at the center so that they can see where and who does what.

▼住宅中心庭院般的双层通高的起居室,the double-height living room located at the center is like a courtyard


▼双层通高的起居室,在其中种树,天窗确保了自然采光,planting a tree inside the double-height living room with skylights for daylight

▼起居室,虚空间既可以作为起居室,又可以作为庭院,interior view of the living room, the void is a living room and like a courtyard at the same time

After placing car parking at the front and laying out required inner rooms, enough space for a garden was hardly left at the back side of the site, and there are neighbor’s walls blocking closely even if the windows are opened on the outer walls. Therefore, it was considered that taking a courtyard was effective in terms of daylighting as well. However, a courtyard enclosed with glazed walls in a limited width of the site makes the left space tight, thus, the indoor tree idea that is as if a courtyard drew into the room inside came up in mind. It is expected that the tree which will grow close to three children will strengthen the relationship between the family and the house as if the tree is another member of the family.

▼起居室兼用餐空间,紧挨着小树设置,the dining space inside the living room, the dining space is organized beside the indoor tree

▼厨房和起居室兼用餐空间,开放式的布局确保了声音的传播,the kitchen and dining space of the living room, as children’s rooms line up directly above the kitchen, voices can reach and presence can be transmitted because of the open plan

▼起居室兼用餐空间和厨房,从天窗照进来的阳光透过树叶在室内洒下斑驳的光影,the living room with dining space and the kitchen, sunlight from the skylights is mildened through the foliage of the tree

▼从上向下看起居室兼用餐空间,overlooking the living room with dining space


The bathroom was placed in the middle of the house facing the living room so that the husband who likes taking bath above all could enjoy it with his children like an open-air bath, looking at the trees. Although a curtain-rail was set in the bathroom just in case, even after a few months of living there, it seems the family got used to the exposed bathroom as they are still using it without a curtain.

▼浴室空间,正对着起居室,起居室里的绿色与浴室绿色调的墙体交叠,the bathroom facing the living room, the live green in the living room and the handmade green on the bathroom wall overlap smoothly

▼浴室空间,不设门,营造出露天浴池的感觉,the bathroom without the door, creating a sense of an open-air bath


Finishings were chosen in the balance between the modern structure of the house and traditional Japanese style from the husband’s preference.

▼住宅二层空间,所有卧室通过一条与起居室有着直接的视觉和听觉联系的环形走廊相连,the second floor of the house, all bedrooms are connected by a circular corridor that has a directly relationship with the living room

▼住宅二层局部,榻榻米房间在木制格栅的滑动门后清晰可见,partial view of the second floor of the house, even when closed by the sliding doors, the presence of each other still can be felt through the lattice

▼住宅二层的日式的榻榻米房间,the Japanese tatami mat room on the second floor of the house

▼从榻榻米房间看向起居室,此时走廊就变成了一个阳台,viewing the living room from the tatami mat room, the passageway side becomes like the veranda

▼楼梯和二层空间细节,details of the stairs and the second floor


It is like the character of the residents and the house got very close now after a lot of discussions spending time, designing back and forth.

▼住宅室内夜景,night view of the interior space of the house

Project name:House in Kyoto
Location:Kyoto city
Architect firm:07BEACH
Architect:Joe Chikamori
Contractor:Kyuma design and construction (久⾺設計⼯務) 
Construction type/structure:newly-built/wood
Structure engineer:STROOG
Site area:133.85 sq.m.
Building area:79.50 sq.m.
Gross floor area:131.19 sq.m.
Designing period:Dec.2015 – Sep.2018
Construction period:Mar.2018 – Jan.2019
Photographs:Yosuke Ohtake

More: 07BEACH 对gooood的分享。更多关于他们:07BEACH on gooood.

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